The legend of Redshift's The Quest [$7.99] just continues to grow as today a new expansion called Macha's Curse [$2.99] has arrived for the game. The Quest is an old-school style grid-based first-person RPG that began on handheld computing devices more than a decade ago. When the iPhone (and iPod touch and iPad) arrived they presented a perfect home for the beloved series. Several years back developer Redshift set out to remake the game in high definition, and while the original app and its many, MANY expansions continue to exist in the App Store the "HD" versions are the ones that are now the focus of development. Previously available expansions like Island of Ice and Fire and Hero of Lukomorye have made the jump to HD as well, but as far as I can tell Macha's Curse is a brand new expansion that hasn't been released before.

This expansion is the work of Zarista Games, a studio who has worked in partnership with Redshift for years now and are responsible for the bulk of the expansion releases. Like all the expansions for The Quest, this one can be accessed from within the main game app by making sure the Macha's Curse app is installed and then visiting the Mithria Harbor inside The Quest and talking to Captain Hanty to travel to the new destination and activate the new expansion content. Also like the other expansions Macha's Curse can be played as a standalone experience without having to own the regular The Quest app. It's recommended that you have your The Quest character leveled up to at least 40 before tackling Macha's Curse, and if you're playing as a standalone experience the game will generate an appropriately leveled character for you.

While I'm personally still plenty busy with the huge amount of content that the base The Quest game offers, it makes me happy to see these expansions coming at a decent clip, so if you need some more adventuring in your life then give Macha's Curse a spin and drop by the forum thread to share your thoughts.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Any iCloud support yet? I'd love to be able to jump between phone and tablet for this game.

    • Bryan Miller

      Nope, have to switch the save file over each time. There should be icloud support for the quest 2.

  • RedPanda87

    Surprised we haven't seen The Quest 2 yet. Given the size of these expansions it probably wouldn't be thaaaaaaat much more work and I'd think it would sell better.

    • Bryan Miller

      They're working on it. Its a huge project and Redshift is only 2 guys.

  • Hiraether

    If it ain't broke...