Playdigious and Shiro Games are bringing Evoland 2 to iOS and Apple TV after all. Little under two years ago, we were told the follow up to Evoland [$1.99] would not be making its way to iOS for a few reasons. We found it odd at the time and are glad to see the publisher and developer have both changed their mind here. Evoland 2 was built on the Haxe engine that the team found hard to work with for mobile. It also took a lot of effort to get the controls working well for touch screens. Watch the mobile announcement trailer below:

The Evoland franchise has over a million copies sold and to celebrate the upcoming release of Evoland 2, the original game is down to its lowest price ever of $0.99. If you’re in a region with lower regional pricing, it is even lower than the equivalent of a dollar right now. The game also just got iPhone X support if you’ve wanted to relive how RPGs changed over the years on the most powerful portable available right now.

Evoland 2 has controller support on iOS and is optimized for iPhone X from the get go. I’m glad they changed their mind and actually got Evoland 2 running on not just mobile but Apple TV as well. You can sign up to be notified for news about it here. Evoland 2 releases on the App Store on February 28th. Here’s the forum thread for the original Evoland if you want to see what people have been saying about it.

  • Taeles


  • Milotorou

    It seriously looks AMAZING !

  • Rothgarr

    That's the most bonkers game trailer I've seen.

  • YankeeBlue000


  • Ernesto Ibarra

    OMFG! Hell yeah!

  • DanCJ

    Hmm. I found Evoland cute, but a bit insubstantial. Luckily it’s quite short and just held my interest to the end.

    This does look to be on another level though. I’m very interested.