Hey it's International Book Giving Day, which is a great way to unload all those old books you move from apartment to apartment while looking super generous at the same time! Once you've finished doing that, you can relax and play some of the new iOS games that have hit our forums this week. The biggest two releases are probably Death Squared and Florence (which we already reviewed). These initial roundup posts are getting a little weird because of the whole preorder thing, so make sure you check out full listing later in the evening where we catch all that stuff as it hits the App Store.

Here's the latest new games that have hit our forums:

  • gfidge

    Hostage Negotiator (universal) has been out for about 5 days here in Australia. Great game by the maker of Baseball Highlights 2045. I would post a link but don't know how.

  • callmesteam

    Death Squared is great on Switch. Devs gave a heads up to NOT BUY IT because it was going to be on sale soon. That made me look into it, and I loved it. Good guys!

  • Jay

    Death Squared has been a great hit on the Switch. Can only see it doing well in the App Store, nice little game which can be quite addicting.
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