I'm so flipping excited for Hero Emblems 2 that even something as mundane as a new shop interface has me jumping up and down. And you should be excited for it too!. The sequel was originally announced way back in September of 2016 with a fantastic reveal trailer, and just a few days later our own Shaun Musgrave was able to go hands on with a very early version of Hero Emblems 2 at that year's Tokyo Game Show. We always knew that the game would be more than a year away even when it was first announced, but it turned out things were going to take even longer than expected as this past November developer HeatPot delayed Hero Emblems 2 to some nebulous point in 2018. Well the good news is that we're at least IN 2018 now so the wait grows shorter every day, and today HeatPot has shown off a new video of Hero Emblems 2 which shows the new shop interface and UI which is quite different than it was in the original game.

Ugh, you guys, I CANNOT wait for this one. The characters and animations, even when just idling in the boring old shop screen, are just incredible. Just in case you're unfamiliar with this series, the first Hero Emblems [$2.99] launched in early January of 2015 and took our community by storm. The discussion thread blew up, which prompted us to give it a full review and award it our Game of the Week, and I personally chose it as one of my favorite games of 2015. It's that good! In a world where we're drowning in match-3 games, Hero Emblems came along and blew us away by how well it integrated its match-3 gameplay into a more robust RPG experience. It also didn't hurt that the characters and world HeatPot built were charming as all heck, and to top things off the game was paid with no IAP which was practically unheard of for a match-3 game. Yes, Hero Emblems really was something special, which is why I just can't wait for this sequel to release. Until that time, head over to our forums for all the latest updates on Hero Emblems 2.

  • take

    Game deserves all the praise it gets.

  • sickbigbrother

    Never knew they planned a 2nd part - So these are the most amazing iOS gaming news I heard in a long time! I loved the first Hero Emblems, it's by far my most favorite iOS game and I played through it three times!

    Even though a match 3 at heart, you had to think tactically - The devs introduced an easy mode because a lot of people obviously complained about the game being too hard. I always found it had just the right difficulty and really hope they don't water down the second part for the casual gamers market (I'd be content with a normal and easy mode again though).

    Also the devs said that the first part didn't sell as well as they expected so I pray to all the iOS gaming gods, that this won't be a freemium title. That would absolutely break my heart. In a genre that is full with easy free to play cr@p Hero Emblems is a shining beacon how to do match three right.

    Absolutely can't wait, thanks TA for making my day with those news!

    • maxbrickem

      I couldn't agree with you more. Hero Emblems was one of my favorite games on ios of all time. It was difficult for me at times, but it was an incredible experience. When this game comes out it's over. Let's go Hot Pot! Hope this one really stirs the community and sells a lot.