When Sid Meier's Civilization VI [Free (HD)] landed on the iPad back in December, it was a big deal for a couple of reasons. First of all, it was a full port of the PC original which had just launched about a year prior and it made its way to iPad with very few concessions. Full ports of some older hefty console and PC games had made their way to iOS before, like the incredibly impressive GRID Autosport [$9.99] which originally launched on console and PC in 2014, but Civilization VI was even newer than that and still made its way to the iPad which was a really impressive feat. The second big point about its iPad release was the pricing. Original developer Firaxis Games and Aspyr Media, who ported the game to iPad, felt that a full-blown title such as that should warrant a similar price to other platforms. It's a free to try model with a premium unlock IAP normally priced at $59.99 but offered at a launch discount of $29.99 for its first two weeks on the App Store.

Well, if you were interested in Sid Meier's Civilization VI when it released but weren't able to pull the trigger in time for the launch sale, you now have another chance as the full game IAP is currently on sale for 50% off again until March 1st. This is likely to celebrate the massive new Rise and Fall expansion that launched for the PC version of Civilization VI today. That expansion is not yet available for the Mac and Linux versions of the game but Aspyr Media is hard at work on making that happen. However, no word on if it will make its way to the iPad version or not. At any rate, the non-expanded Civilization VI is absolutely stuffed with content as is, so if you missed out on the sale price before be sure to read our full review for some more info and consider picking up during this latest sale before the price goes back up on March 1st.

  • touchyfeely

    Still not downloading iOS 11 just to play this one game

    • Milotorou

      I can see many more reasons to get iOS 11 on an iPad tbh.... the improvements to the OS are huge

    • Mr. Mayhem

      Why not update? Is it because of the loss of old apps?

      • tensider

        For me, absolutely. There are older games that I love on 10, and apps on my phone that I would hate to lose too.

  • Valbunny

    Very happy to see it half off again, though I am very curious as to how many people have purchased the game.

  • Mr. Mayhem

    That’s great news for fans of these games but I tried to play it and it seemed a bit too complicated for a newbie like myself.

  • http://erikveland.com ErikVeland

    There is word from Aspyr!

    “Thanks! I too enjoy curling up to Civ VI for a few turns before going to sleep 🙂 I'd say the best bet for mobile news is our social channels, and yes...DLCs and expansion are incoming. They wont happen as fast as Mac (for obvious reasons) but they are definitely on our roadmap."

  • Martin

    I expected this to happen soon – they will get much more purchases. When iOS games has pricetags 10$ or 15$. Discount is not needed that much. But 30$ vs 60$ – that is dealbreaker vs nogo for soooo much people.

  • Tyler Mackie

    I’d love to take advantage of this if it were for iPhone. CivRev just doesn’t cut it tbh

    • Milo

      I just cant see this working on a phone tbh, theres just too much information on screen at all times.

  • r10k

    Half off so they can charge $49.99 for the expansions...

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Greedy devs wanting money for their AAA game give me a break!!!

      • r10k

        Pay whatever you want dude...