Following its very well-received release on Steam back in March of 2016, developer Clever Plays brought their awesome roguelike top-down shooter Leap of Fate [$3.99] to the iOS platform in August of the same year. Leap of Fate offered up infinite replay value with its randomly-generated design and roguelike elements, and it was all wrapped up in this ultra-cool cyberpunk dystopian theme. We gushed over Leap of Fate in our Game of the Week award and our subsequent 4.5 star review, but perhaps one of the most standout features of the iOS version of the game was its ingenious control system. Top-down dual-stick shooters have always worked quite well on the touchscreen, but Leap of Fate featured some pretty interesting special abilities which wouldn't seem like they'd work so well with virtual controls. Clever Plays figured it out though, and even went in-depth into the challenges of nailing such a good control scheme on mobile. Well, be that as it may, Leap of Fate players had still been requesting MFi controller support for the game since its release, especially since the Steam version was already built for controllers. It took a year and a half, but they've finally obliged on that request with a brand new update that hit Leap of Fate this week.

In addition to controller support, this new Leap of Fate update also includes support for four new languages and some additional nips and tucks to ensure the game is running smoothly. One thing that this update doesn't include which was pretty disappointing is full screen support for the iPhone X. I reached out to Clever Plays to see if that was something they'd consider, and they basically told me that the 3D portions of the game could run in full screen but all of the 2D artwork for things like menu and UI would need to be redrawn to fit properly, and the artist who originally did all that work is no longer at the company. So it's possible, but would be a pretty huge undertaking. I know for me, I'd just be happy if the gameplay portion of the game was in full screen and if all the UI stuff just had a generic border or something to make it fit. Playing the game cropped on an iPhone X isn't super comfortable at the moment, so I hope Clever Plays can come up with a solution. At the very least I'm just happy to see an update to Leap of Fate at all since it launched so long ago and has never seen an update before; I was worried they might have abandoned it. Turns out they were just incredibly busy with a new project, but wanted to take the time to give Leap of Fate iOS players some controller love. Kudos, Clever Plays! If you're interested in checking out Leap of Fate now would be a good time to do so as alongside this update the game has dropped its price down to just $1.99 for a limited time.

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  • MikeAK

    Very interested to hear and see more about their new project as I thought this game was fantastic!!! Loved the random skill trees, loved the MASSIVE variety of glyphs and subsequently the way they completely changed the way u approached combat, loved the variety of enemies, especially bosses, and environments, and loved the mission system to allow true progression as I played. Each character was VERY different and I thoroughly enjoyed the game with all 4. For me, this was one of the best twin sticks I’ve ever played and felt so so perfect on my phone!!

  • Qaioud

    Actual best iOS twin stick, ever.

    Sorry, Isaac.

    Sorry, Jydge.

    Not even close, Neon Chrome.

    • Eduardo Ribeiro Bueno Netto

      Is that good?! Im tempted by your comment!

      • 61050

        honestly, yeah, its damn good. probably my favorite twin stick shooter on ios as well.

    • boydstr

      I enjoyed Neon Chrome more than Leap of Fate in the graphic department and the levels in NC are much larger than in LoF.

  • neiliss

    This game looks like it was updated for iPhone X, but it is just the video intro, the game is not, disappointed!

  • boydstr

    Great! I really liked the game but I found it to frustrating to play it with touchscreen so this is for me the perfect time to download it again from my backlog catalogue.