Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia [Free] from Square Enix has finally released on iOS and Android devices in English. It may not be available in all regions at the start but it will slowly roll out as with many social RPGs like this one. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is the new social RPG from Square Enix with multiplayer modes and turn based combat. Pre-registrations were already underway with the final target being within reach as we inched closer to release day. Watch the trailer for it below:

This release coincides with the main home console Dissidia release on PlayStation 4 which released as well in form of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. In fact I expect a lot of tie in events across both games to get people interested in trying out Dissidia on another platform. It is going to be interesting seeing how this release plays out and the staying power of the game in general. It feels like we have a new social RPG from Square Enix every month right now. You can download Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia on iOS or Android for free. Check out our forum thread for it here.

  • http://www.unexpect3rd.com unexpect3rd

    I used to love crossovers in media (movies/games/comics), but with the number of social RPGs from squeenix that banks on characters from their franchise in a single game world, its becoming nothing special or attractive.

    • Taeles

      Agreed. Especially when you take a game title thats traditionally been one style of gameplay (brawler/rpg) and turn it in to a completely different style... turn based hero collector of which there are... 4? 5? Already on the market. This one is pretty though...

  • Alin Versailles Sukisman

    Good, it's not available in my country. Gotta keep away frome squenix mobile game for the rest of my life. No new formula just boring repetitive grindfest.

    • Ibrahim Yaman

      Just create a usa playstore account like the rest of us.

  • darkfyra

    Sigh....I’ll rather have a premium game

  • curtneedsaride

    I'd usually agree with everyone about not needing another Square-Enix social F2P RPG. However, Dissidia OO turns the normal Dissidia battle system into one I much more prefer, and that is turn-based. AND, this F2P game has no stamina. So, for someone like me who loves to grind and NOT stop when a game throttles me, this is actually a decent F2P addition to my FF collection. Sure, I much prefer premium games from SE, and we'll be getting one next week! There's a spot for both on my phone, for sure.

  • charlene iverston

    I can't wait to play this game. I'm hearing good reviews.

  • Darryl D Ebin

    For android user, you can download the apk from apkpure. its not region locked

  • primalxconvoy

    For those who have been blocked at Google Play, search instead for "APK Pure" at Google Play. This is a legit app shop that allows you to get LEGAL apks (basically anything that's already free at Google Play) without any geo-blocks. You can then download and install this FF game from there.

  • L Kiser

    I wish Squaresoft would do a JRPG similar to what Com2Us did with Summoners War