One of our favorite games from a couple of years ago, and indeed still one of our favorite games today, is Rule with an Iron Fish [$3.99] from developer Kestrel Games. It's something of an odd mashup of fishing mini-game, incremental clicker game, and role-playing game, and as strange as that might all sound it actually works beautifully together. Rule with an Iron Fish received several updates in the months following its release in 2016, but Kestrel went on to other projects including porting the game to desktop, and the iOS version sat dormant for all of 2017. In porting the game to other platforms they also added in some new content and other improvements, and last month we learned that the iOS version of Rule with an Iron Fish would be getting an update to bring it up to par with those desktop versions as well as adding support for the full screen of the iPhone X. Today that update is available.

Being that Rule with an Iron Fish is a portrait-oriented game, the iPhone X support is a really nice treat for those who own that device. In addition there's also 20 new types of fish added to the game for you to catch and collect, as well as a new pirate kitten companion and a cat bobber. Cats and fish are a good pairing if you ask me. If this is the first you're hearing about Rule with an Iron Fish, be sure to check out our full review as well as our write-up of when the game got Universal iPad support for some additional thoughts and information. The simplified fishing mechanics are fun and relaxing, and Kestrel Games have built out a wonderful world to explore filled with a ton of wacky characters and humor. This one is a total charmer, so if you haven't dove into the world of Rule with an Iron Fish previously then let this latest update be your excuse to finally check it out.

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