It's Wednesday again, and we're finally getting back to where we used to be when it comes to loads of weekly high profile game releases. The Room: Old Sins is due out tonight, but there's a bunch more games that have already been posted to our forums. Oh, and if you're into celebrating a random holiday today, it's apparently Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day, which I suppose is the often forgotten second cousin twice removed to International Talk Like a Pirate Day? But, hey, whatever.

Here's all the games that have been posted to our forums so far:

As usual, we'll have a full roundup later this evening so stay tuned for that, along with any other random surprises that pop up between now and then.

  • Ron

    Slime Pizza seems pretty fun so far.

    • Timmy2x

      Played a few minutes Slime Pizza is definitely legit!