Nintendo has been great with post launch support for Fire Emblem Heroes [Free] through seasonal events and adding more content. Today, they announce new heroes entering the fray on Thursday night at 11 PM P.T. The new heroes come from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn which released on the Nintendo Wii. It has been interesting seeing them go back to older games to add heroes as time goes by. In a lot of cases, there are games that were not released outside Japan. As usual, Nintendo released a new video showing off the new Heroes and skills which you can watch below:

Once the Summoning Focus ends here, the heroes will be available through future summoning events. The new heroes include Micaiah who is a Blue Tome user, Sothe who is a Shuriken user, and Zelgius who is an Armored Sword user. Their five star skills are shown off in the video above. There will also be a new story chapter live at the same time called Guided by a Dream.

In addition to the new heroes and story chapter that will go live, Version 2.1.0 for the game has released on iOS and Android with a few new features. The Hero Merit limit is now 4000 and you can now check the battle map before a battle. The patch notes also mention new maps for the Arena and bug fixes in addition to new possibilities for the Sacred Seal Forge and Weapon Refinery.

We already reported on Fire Emblem Heroes overtaking Super Mario Run’s revenue implying the death of the one time freemium unlock for free to play games. More people end up playing Heroes around the time of a Fire Emblem game release on the 3DS and I’m curious to see how Nintendo pushes even more into Heroes when the next mainline Fire Emblem game is about to release on the Nintendo Switch. You can read an in depth interview with the director’s of Fire Emblem Heroes here. As always, keep an eye on the forum thread for it here.

  • Seppafer

    the reason i havent actually played this app since shadows of Valencia came out is because they hadn't put Micaiah in. I will jump back in to the game so that i can have my waifu lead my army again