Late last year we posted about a rad looking game called It's Full of Sparks which (at the time) was looking for beta testers on our forums. Sometime between then and now the boyz up north, Noodlecake, picked up the game for publishing and has announced that it'll hit the App Store next week. There's even a new(ish) trailer:

In It's Full of Sparks, you play as a firecracker and each level has a clever timing mechanic: You need to make it to the water at the end to put out your fuse before you explode. It's a blend of speed running and level-based platforming with magical glasses that can be equipped which changes the levels around depending on which colored lenses you're wearing.

Like most Noodlecake games, It's Full of Sparks is free to play. Initially, you'll have a set of lives to see whether or not you like the game. During this time there's no ads or IAP. Once you run out of lives, you'll be able to either unlock the game via a small IAP or just get lives through watching ads. We'll post again when the game is available, or, you can just pre-order now on the App Store.

  • Qw3rTYz

    looking good.. I can already see how it will be limited to iOS 11 so that I can never play it

    • Donny K76

      The minimum requirement is iOS 7. Don't have iOS 11 but when I click on the TA pre order link, the game shows up in the app store.

  • repapermunky

    Weirdly enough, I just received a beta invite today.