Among the many interest things about the mobile game scene is when you hear of a game that's super popular in Asian regions and then seeing how it does in the west. Arena of Valor [Free], for instance, is the biggest thing ever in China and comparatively has had a super slow launch so far in North America. Lord of Dice is the latest Asian game headed to North America and Oceania, and like all these games, they're doing a pre-registration thing which you can find right here. Pre-registering gives you all sorts of goodies when the game actually launches, with rewards that scale up depending on how many people pre-register.

As far as the game itself, it looks pretty cool. Basically, Lord of Dice is a collection game which features over 200 different heroes and tactical battles that all play out with dice mechanics. If you're not into the gacha scene, this likely won't do a ton for you, but if you're even remotely interested in these sorts of games it might worth pre-registering anyway just for a head start if you do find yourself getting sucked into Lord of Dice. Oh, and if you want to pre-order the game on the App Store, for some reason, you can do that too although it's not super clear if you get any of the pre-registration bonuses by doing that.

  • Godspoken

    Is it me or do you usually get all the pre-registration bonuses just from downloading the app relatively near launch? It’s not like they check if you preregistered or anything.

    • hellscaretaker

      You right i seen it happen in many a game thats been on soft launch its gone pre-registration and those on soft launch get the rewards as well. Or not done pre-registration and still got rewards

    • Eli Hodapp

      Not usually, Arena of Valor was a code system as are a bunch of other games.

    • Tychaeus

      Maybe...but the problem with this premise is...usually the quality and quantity of pre reg rewards are BASED on how many ppl pre reg...

  • Tychaeus

    This LOOKS like it has alooooot of fun potential...potential key word though especially when referring to gacha type games. So far...1-3 gacha games have ever been fun enough to play beyond a day for myself. But if they do the mechanics right then i'll be psyked.

  • Tychaeus

    Been playing this a little past day or so and it's actually pretty fun and aesthetically pleasing as well so far. It's I don't think...the next crazy addictive gacha, at least not for me, but I will keep it on my phone a good bit and see how the game plays out.
    It is currently available on the PH app store.

  • Ugh Nya

    Will we have to pay for it when it comes out? I keep going to pre order but it says I’ll get charged the price of the game when it comes out, but there isn’t anythung but “get” there. Will I have to pay?