The classic horror game The 7th Guest [Free], from back in the early 90s and the age of CD-ROM, has gone free, so if you're in the mood to either enjoy a tinge of nostalgia (if you're my age) or discover what your mom and dad used to play, grab it while it's free. I remember playing The 7th Guest when it came out back in 1993 and being struck by the wonder of it all, trying to figure out all the puzzles and uncover all kinds of creepy secrets. The game really is an important moment in gaming history, and you should grab it if just for that reason.

The 7th Guest is set in a creepy mansion owned and operated by Henry Stauf, a drifter who became a toy and puzzle maker thanks to a series of visions he had. You play as Ego, an amnesiac (of course) who stumbles into the mansion and has to solve a variety of weird puzzles ranging from word games, chess-based games, and many more. Some of the puzzles are really tricky, but fortunately we now have the wonder of Google, which should help you make it through the game faster. Don't expect a perfect port of the original game, but at zero dollars, The 7th Guest is a great trip down creepy memory lane.

  • DarkAdamm

    Grabbing this! Thx!

  • Hiraether

    Sweet! Ty

  • Thomas Zink

    Childhood memories lol. The screenshot of the cake puzzle takes me back.

  • DanKetch

    This and 11th hour... loved these as a teenager.

    • Brandon Smith

      I really wish they had adapted The 11th Hour for mobile. I guess not enough people played this one. I bought it. I felt it was a worthwhile purchase. Especially when it came out and it was the early days of the iPad as a device.

  • Felicity Knott

    What happened to the 7th Guest on the Australian App Store?

  • Cheuk Seto

    It not available in the US App Store. Maybe going free was its last hurrah?