Just before Christmas day, iOS gamers got a great present in the form of a full port of Civilization VI [Free (HD)], the immensely popular and addictive game. But with great features came a pretty steep price (for App Store standards that is). The game can be downloaded for free, but the free version only allows you to play the first 60 turns of the game. If you want to unlock the full game, you have to pay the promotional price of $29.99; however, that promotion ends today, and after that you'll have to pay $59.99 to get your hands on the full game. And this really is the full game, only lacking the online multiplayer part (it comes with LAN only).

As we talked about in our review of the game, Civilization VI is a must have for those who enjoy the genre. The game offers a ton of content, pretty good touch controls (with a few issues), the ability to use a Bluetooth keyboard to streamline your play, and the insane depth that comes with the Civilization series. Yes, the visuals might be a bit scaled down, but you don't play games like Civilization looking for great visuals. If you're a strategy gamer and have a recent iPad, pick Civilization VI up today before the sale ends.

  • baconcow

    Already picked it up! Don't forget to enable retina mode and reduce the ui scaling.

    • http://erikveland.com ErikVeland

      Absolutely a must if you’re on an iPad pro. Added a nice collection of mods as well, and got the Nubian civilization ported from DLC (minus its graphic assets apparently).

      • baconcow

        Is there a list of currently supported mods? I've only heard the the rotation mod working.

    • GreatWizard

      I did it, and also improved graphics options in the graphicsOptions.txt file. Now it hardly moves 🙂 frankly I think it looks good even in low res. (iPad pro 9'7). I suppose that given the chance to play around with the options optimal settings can be found, but I'll return to the defaults, cause as I said, I think the game looks good enough as is, and its amazing to have the gameplay of a full Civ game on my tablet.

  • Milotorou

    Fans of strategy games : this is the best strategy game the app store will ever have.


    P.S. 60 free turns are there for a reason, if youre a bit unsure, try it out.

  • Hiraether

    Speaking from all the other previous civs... Good luck with endgame on a pad. You'll want to play versus less civs. The full game makes a decent PC lag in ways that often a game that works fine ends up taking 5 minute turns to process the AI of the largest world setting.
    If you don't have a fast pad I would not recommend it. The lack of online multiplayer is due to the immense stress it puts in machines.
    You guys make it sound perfect but I know better. Old machines will run hot and die. It's not worth it unless you have the latest tech. Not to mention their stunning record with Civ Revilutions should make you all slightly paranoid about the game being abandoned in two years when the next Civ that's only slightly different releases. It's a money machine with not enough changes to justify it. Civ IV is the greatest of all time for my money. The Fall From Heaven mod improved the gameplay dramatically and never got added. Fast Forward 10 years to Endless Legend doing everything right that Civ gets wrong. If you want truly balanced 4x without Sid Meyers taking your place $ you want the Endless series, Space or Legends. The writing makes more sense. The game isn't full of data leak and bugs. The system is actually balanced. The races make sense. Plus all units are equippable with crafting from the city. Civ can't even get close to the realism and fun of Endless.
    --3/5 review here. -- You all got obsessed when Civ IV is still superior, even II perhaps. A port of Civ II or III would run like a dream on ALL our phones. Civ VI is a cash grab with too few new features to justify even its 50% off price tag. Got get a good classic or Endless Legends instead and your computer will thank you for it as much as your brain.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp


      • MunkieSuthorn

        The end game point regarding speed on older iPads seems relevant. How long does a turn take after turn 150 or so?

      • subgenius

        It runs completely fine on my pro. Just finished a nice cultural victory on a standard continent map vs I think 7 other civs. No problems whatsoever.

    • DrlRage

      Cool story bro.

    • Milotorou

      If you dont have a "fast iPad" you cant even run the game in the first place.

      So i dont get your point.

      So far all ive seen you do is complaining, maybe mobile games arent for you man, get a life kiddo.

    • khann

      30 seconds per turn on turn 400 with an unsupported iPad? Not bad. You also don't seem educated on who ported this. Aspyr had kept KotOR supported and updated since 2013. This is not a 2K port.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Don’t feed the trolls.

    • Toyn

      Runs fine end game playing huge map on ipad mini 4. Tried on an ipad air (1st edition) and will run but extreme low res graphics (no trees even) and crashes every few turns even in early game.

    • gonif

      Excellent critique. Thanks for providing a valid counterpoint amidst all the hype.

  • Hiraether

    Polytopia is much better.

    • baconcow

      I've played at least a dozen hours of Polytopia and while it a good game, it lacks the strategic depth and replayability of Civilization VI.

  • Denny

    how does it run on ipad air 2 after hundreds of turns on large map?

    • Milotorou

      Runs pretty decent as far as I heard (25ish fps) and waiting between turns is 30-50 seconds, which is actually as long as my PC, if not less.

      (I heard this from others, i have an ipad pro 2nd gen so I dont want to say i tried myself with the air 2)

      • lukegoodall

        I am playing on an iPad Air 2 around turn 250 with gameplay similar setup as mentioned by others above and it is working fine. It’s a bit slow to reposition but I’m not seeing super long cpu turns and it’s not lagging out and becoming unresponsive on me. The game is growing on me, this is my first Civilization and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to crack the strategy as it seems forever deep. I’m enjoying it now though.

    • baconcow

      My iPad Pro 10.5 (with retina enabled) drops as low as 14 fps (using the in-game fps counter) at about turn 300 with 5 other players (on whatever the default map is). I still need to test what the frame rate is with retina off. Mine you, with my Apple Pencil, it doesn't feel bad. The map still drags around relatively smoothly, the frame rates just drop. It's just, at retina resolution, there is a lot of animation going on at all times (the waves, windmills, birds, wheat blowing in the wind, etc.). It is definitely a graphical bottleneck, with it on. The turns, however, are quite fast, perhaps 15-20 seconds. However, I noticed that when taking over a city (during battle) or when pillaging a tile (after many turns), there is a small delay during the animation.

      I would imagine that the game would run somewhat slower than this if retina is enabled (which, on the iPad Air 2, isn't as necessary as the default game resolution scales perfect with retina resolution of the iPad Air 2). The iPad Pro has a fractional scale between the games base resolution and its retina resolution, so it ends up coming out much blurrier. With retina off, the game may end up with a higher frame rate than this, but the turn times will be slower. The game will likely still be playable.

  • touchyfeely

    There is no way I'm paying $30+ for a iPad game. Not even civilization vi. I'll keep playing civilization v on my windows tablets

  • chinito77

    I’m a big strategy fan but this game was sadly not meant for me. Perhaps all the hype and the rather slow pace of the game didn’t mesh well. I guess I’m more into RPG Strategy games. Otherwise, neat game and I can see it as must buy for most.