If you play a lot of free to play games, the golden goose of getting the biggest bang for your buck when you're buying things in these games is deals on Amazon coins. Basically, if you don't follow the Android and Amazon app world, Amazon Coins are basically the iTunes credit equivalent of the Amazon App Store. While it's pretty rare to get much more than 10% off iTunes gift cards, Amazon often runs promotion offering steep discounts on Amazon coins. Today, you can get 35% off Amazon Coins, or, $100 worth of Amazon Coins for $65.

Right now you're probably thinking, "Yeah? So what, I have an iPhone, what good are weird Android coins to me?" Well, consider this: The vast majority of big freemium games link your progress to an account that works across devices. If, for instance, you play a lot of Hearthstone [Free] on iOS, you effectively are getting 35% off cards in game, which you'll also have playing on your iPhone. Don't have an Android device? Using a Mac or PC you can download the Android emulator BlueStacks and use the Amazon App Store that way. Yes, it's a considerable amount of screwing around, but, 35% off is 35% off.

Also, tomorrow Amazon is doing something called Digital Day where you'll be able to snag basically everything Amazon offers digitally at some kind of discount. Movies, books, games, you name it. There's going to be discounts of up to 80%, so if you've got a Kindle you're looking to fill up, do it tomorrow.

  • Gurney Halleck

    So, presumably I could use Amazon Coins purchased at 35% off to then buy Nintendo Switch Digital Download Codes which are digitally delivered and redeemable for digital download switch games?!!

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I don’t believe so, coins are used for purchases on the Amazon App Store. If there’s a way to buy eshop gift cards on the Amazon App Store, then sure, but I don’t know if any apps offering that.