I know that there are so many card games on the App Store right now, but that's because touchscreen devices are the perfect platform for them. And, also, card games aren't that hard to develop, although they are hard to make interesting and well-balanced. Rhino Games' Mythgard, a lane-based collectible card game that will make its way to mobile when it hits beta, hopes to be more than just another one of many card games. Mythgard has quite the team behind it, including the engineering and product lead on Diablo 2, the founder of Flagship Studios, and the CTO and founder of Runic Games, so I think we can be confident that the developer knows how to make games, although it remains to be seen whether that expertise translates into a strong card game.

The developers are big Magic: The Gathering fans, but they don't think it will ever translate well to an online game. At the same time, they see Hearthstone as a bit too shallow; so, they decided to make a game that sits between those two games in terms of complexity, and they feel that it could be the "perfect" CCG. Mythgard offers multi-color decks, resource management (without Magic's "mana screw"), artifacts, lane enchantments, and more. At the same time, Mythgard streamlines the Magic formula by having faster play without phases or interrupts. You can play the alpha version of Mythgard on the game's website, and the game should soon be available for beta testing on mobile devices.


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  • spader623

    That's a super hefty claim. And the potential issue is, even if it's better than either... will people play it? There's a ton of CCG's out there right now, possibly too much.

  • Deckard74

    The problem is all of these CCGs don't have the same sheen and polish as Hearthstone. I watched that short trailer and the cards have the usual washed-out effect seen in games like Eternal. Some people knock Hearthstone for all of it's RNG antics and but you can't fault Blizzard for the presentation in their games regardless of how many deckslots!

    • Modjular

      Agreed. These decks seem to think that as long as they have the same mechanics as hearthstone, that they'll be good. But a major draw of hearthstone has always been its sheer polish and the feel of playing.

  • Rhino Games

    Comparing ourselves to MtG or Hearthstone publicly was a mistake. We may *dream* of making a game that competes, but I never expected an article to get written with those thoughts - we were just trying to explain our goals to Tasos, and entice him into trying the game himself.

    Anyway, it's an early Alpha. The polish isn't there. Realistically of course, there's no way an indie company with a handful of developers will ever achieve the same level of polish as what Blizzard puts out. But the game is different enough mechanically that we hope it'll find an audience. And it's been a blast to make!