We've been following Arena of Valor for quite a while now, as in China the game is the biggest thing ever, and now they're boasting 100 million daily active players. That's a number that honestly, is difficult to wrap your head around, as any mobile game that has even a million daily active players is a massive success. 100m is ... on a whole new level. We've been waiting for Arena of Valor to launch in North America for ages now, particularly since in Europe back in October.

It's now available in North America, but what's strange is everything inside the game mentioning the North American launch is for the "soft launch." For instance, the in-game store is advertising a soft launch promotion that runs through January 3rd of 2018. The game is definitely out, playable, and working fine so, I guess we'll have to see what happens when the game officially launches after the third?

Anyway, I think everyone should give this game a download, if for no reason other than to see what all the fuss is about. It's a shockingly good mobile version of League of Legends and I'll be super curious to see how it does in the American market.

  • Milotorou

    Just played the tutorial and the first mandatory game, looks awfully more polished than Mobile Legends so far.

    • FusionFountain

      Mobile legends has always felt like a joke to me, Vainglory is the only really well made MOBA I've found for mobile, I hope this is at least close to as well made as VG.

      • Milotorou

        Its different.

        I find Vainglory to be the best mobile MOBA around... but I just cant play it on a phone, the control scheme just feels so much better on my iPad.

        The control scheme of AoV is closer to Mobile Legends, but the game itself looks more polished and feels less clunky

  • Patricia Anaka

    lol it doesn't even come up in the app store search -- the only way I could find it is via TouchArcade button. The new App Store is so broken.

  • curthayman

    Amazing that it's not iPhone X compatible.

    • David Williams

      Totally agreed - kind of a joke

    • Thomas Zink

      Reason why I won’t bother giving it a try.

    • Hasani Obatala

      Probably after the 3rd. It was suppose to launch for Nintendo Switch as well.

  • YankeeBlue000

    How does this compare to Vainglory?

    • Aurélien Laplace

      Just incredible I have forgotten vainglory

    • Lightjolly

      After a few matches.

      I can say gameplay wise it doesn't hold a candle to VG, AOV is very casual and streamlined compared VG depth. The items for example are all just stat boosts.

      Graphic wise it's also inferior, no artistic direction, just as bland as you can get .

      But outside, like the Menu and Presentation it's cleaner and more organized than Vainglory's convulted UI

      • Aurélien Laplace

        Items have a sense to fit with the role every heroes but you can't see that after only a few match and if you play on higher ranked levels you can see is not that linear... 😉

      • Lightjolly

        Well yeah a mage wont buy attack damage items but it doesn't change the fact that the items are just stat boosts and offer no active abilities

      • Aurélien Laplace

        You have talents r fdoing that ...

  • Levanax

    First impressions are that it's a little slicker than Vainglory but admittedly, I haven't played VG in awhile. Very close to league in most regards, works really well on mobile. The control scheme is good but I don't have a problem with virtual sticks. If you come from a MOBA background you'll dominate the early rounds. Not seeing the DC licensed characters in Canada. Anyone else seeing them?

  • DaftStranger84

    Right, because China has NEVER doctored statistics to make their country look superior, EVER. 100 million my left cheek.

    • Milotorou

      You know... in a way, 100 million isnt that many, considering the population of china, lol.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      You can pull up these stats on third party services like Appannie, Sensor Tower, etc...

    • http://www.haoyuanren.com Haoyuan Ren

      In China, there are people playing this game in every corner of the country. I have seen major cities and small villages with people huddled together playing this game. Factory workers in manufacturing plants catching a quick game during their break, different kids playing together while their parents are socializing, zhubo whom streams their games to tens of thousands of players on a casual night, the noodle shop owner playing this between making noodles, etc etc etc. The Chinese of the game ties in many Chinese mythological and historical figures, and even pop figures, with people going broke all the time to get the latest skins. It's more than a fever as it has brought to surface many side effects of mobile gaming addiction. No, the 100m is not an exaggeration. This game makes Tencent so much money in China every single day and continues to do so, and it's effect on the popular culture cannot be ignored. So before you criticize China for inflating numbers (I don't know why the country needs to inflate a number like this by a private corporation), maybe go to China first before daftly betting your left cheek.

      • DaftStranger84

        If it IS true? That’s...honestly pretty sad since the game is rather shite. 5 matches of button mashing resulted in 5 matches where the score wasn’t even CLOSE for the other side. Just mashing skill buttons, run around and repeat until stuff blows up. Has the entire country just turned their nose up at Vainglory?

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        You need to play a few more games to get your MMR to where it needs to be, right now you're getting tossed in games with a massive influx of players who haven't played the game (or maybe even a MOBA) before.

      • DaftStranger84

        I WOULD make the “I shouldn’t have to slog through 20 hours of boring grind matches just to make the game good” argument, but the game is free, and therefore I really can’t make that complaint.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Who said 20 hours?

      • Aurélien Laplace

        just go in gold level you will see people are playing better it was the same as vainglory in low level....

      • http://www.haoyuanren.com Haoyuan Ren

        Marketing. Vainglory may be a better game technically to you but they don't have the reach and pockets a company like Tencent has. Once a game reach critical mass then everyone will trip over each other to adopt it in order to make more money, including advertisers and mass media. It only snowballs from there.

        How your daft taste is better than the "shite" taste of the "entire country" of China is for another topic.

      • DaftStranger84

        Different strokes for different folks I guess. It’s not as if Vainglory has no foothold in China. Hey some people choose Coke over Pepsi, we can’t all be perfect.

      • hitmantb

        Vainglory can't even beat Mobile Legend Bang Bang in the U.S. (check out Google Play numbers, 5 million downloads vs 50 million for MBLL, check top grossing charts etc, it is not even close).

        Vainglory launched in China, the company that imported it spent a huge marketing campaign and got it all the way to #1 download chart for a day. You can't say they didn't try. Then it fell like a rock and never to be seen on top 100 or 200 again, just like U.S. / Europe.

        Players worldwide already voted with their wallet, it is the small minority "hardcore" players can't see how flawed VG is on a phone.

      • elthesensai

        While I can’t debate what you’re saying since I haven’t been to China there is one thing that irks me about your comment. That so many people play outside their homes!! I can’t play using cellular data on iOS. 😓

  • Vid Icarus

    Any word on the switch release date for this game?

  • elthesensai

    Too bad iOS users can’t play on cellular. Sucks considering that it’s a mobile MOBA.