Clash of Clans [Free] update is coming soon, and this one is adding a new feature called Clan Games. Supercell has been teasing the Clan Games over the last few days, but a recent blog post gave us a bit more info on what to expect, although Supercell is still leaving it up to players to speculate at this point. Rumor has it, the blog post details, that Clan members will have to work together in the Games to complete challenges, and these challenges will reward players with new treasures. The Challenges range from multiplayer attacks in Home Village to Versus Battles in Builder Base, and—as expected—any points gained go towards a shared Clan Point Pool.

As is usually the case with Clash of Clans updates, we are also getting some balance changes. The Golem's HP is going up will the Lava Hounds' and the Giant's, the Miner's Housing Space will go up to 6 per troop, the Barbarian King and Archer Queen will have 5 more levels now to a max of level 50, the effect that prevents healing while receiving damage from Inferno Towers has been removed, as well as a few more changes. You can read them all here. What do you think of the Clan Games? A welcome addition?


    Still is not the game it could be if they would let you control your platoons or squads.. most battles are predetermened ... its time for some real changes

    • Shubham Kushwaha

      Shows how little you know about the game... Same goes for the article.


        I know more then you.. why are so many people leaving the game? Found games that the player can control... you will figure it out soon enough


        I feel like they would have to make that a different game, or another base like Builder Base. That sounds awesome but it would really change the game and a lot of people wouldn't want to lose the more simplistic gameplay we have now, myself included. I stopped playing Clash Royale because it wasn't as chill as Clash of Clans.

        Though I suppose there are minor ways they could do it that wouldn't bother me, like if you got a single redirect that you could use on troops, maybe in the form of a spell that redirects any troops that go into it's radius. If it's full on character control though, that is too epic and risky so gotta be a new base. I'm all for a third base myself if it's something like this. I love the builder base.

    • Jt

      You really should just stop commenting on stuff you know nothing about. "Platoons"? "Squads" ?? In CoC? Hahaha Too funny.'re talking out your a $$.


        Then are so many leaving the game? Exacly... you dont know what your talking about... stupid people spending money on a predictable game.. lol got took...idiots... keep playng a dead game.. lololol

      • Mac Tastic

        if you don't want autonomous troops go play Boom Beach this game is a strategy game it is not meant to be easy...... easy games are for the weak-minded.

      • Jt

        SMH. What does your reply have to do with what I said? What are you, 10?