Rusty Lake finally announced the release date for the upcoming and highly anticipated Rusty Lake Paradise. While initially aimed to release around Christmas, Rusty Lake Paradise will now release on January 11th for iOS and Android. The reason for the later release date is that the development took longer than they anticipated. This is an adventure with a larger narrative and new characters. Rusty Lake Paradise will be bigger and better going by the teaser you can watch below:

While everyone has been looking forward to this for a while, we did get a taste of it earlier this year. Rusty Lake Paradise was playable at PAX and you can watch Jared and Eli getting a runthrough from Rusty Lake below:

The best part about the release date announcement outside of the actual date is the fact that Rusty Lake confirmed a new Cube Escape game and a new unique project. They claim that the new project is something that has never been done in gaming. They will release a teaser for it during Christmas. Until then, Rusty Lake Paradise will hit your devices on January 11th. You can read their dev blog here.

  • Rosso

    Oh my! I am SO much looking forward to this!!!

    BUT: it will be 3 days late for my birthday. Testflight me, Rustys! 😉

  • MikeAK

    Have absolutely LOVED all their cube games but their 2 premium adventures have simply been masterpieces to me. I cannot wait for this game and not only will it be a day 1 purchase, but it will jump to the top of my list of games to play, which is rare... I usually buy games and don’t get to them for weeks or even months because I try to have only 4-6 games going at a time.