Even before its release, we were all over GRID Autosport [$9.99]. It's a real-deal, full-blown premium racing experience that we absolutely loved in our review. The entire game reminds us of the old days of the App Store, when developers would release incredible game experiences that you paid money for, without any IAP shenanigans.

Take a look at the trailer, if you somehow missed it the first time around:

The one issue that GRID Autosport had was a bug with the iPhone X where it'd really cause the device to heat up, eventually resulting in the overall framerate to be reduced. That's since been fixed, and the game absolutely sings on the iPhone X now. Also, for whatever reason, it wasn't available in the Brazilian App Store. That's since been rectified, and if you're in Brazil and were bummed you couldn't download the game... Get on it!

  • pillzhereish

    Does the game run at 60 fps or is it locked at 30 fps? I have an 8 Plus and the game isn't very smooth...

    • John Cruz

      It only runs at 30fps, which is why I didn't purchase the game. I played it on my coworker's iPhone X (I have the X as well) and confirmed that it unfortunately runs at 30fps.

  • Eduardo Ribeiro Bueno Netto

    Bought it and I'm running perfectly on iPhone X!!! Still, when the phone is charging the frame rate drops because it gets really hot and I'm in Brazil!
    That's an amazing game!!!

  • Taeles

    the only thing i need is a button in settings labled 'make mifi controller work just like rr3' lol! the super twitchy control mechanics seem to fight me no matter how i set them

  • r10k

    They also fixed the bug where you’d lose sound half way through a race. I’m happy that’s sorted!

  • Honza Nikerle

    I need version for ATV 4K 🙂