Kobolds & Catacombs, the latest Hearthstone [Free] expansion, is finally live in NA and EU everyone, so go start opening decks and buildings decks. You will venture into a huge underground world that Kobolds have mindlessly carved over thousands of years. Treasures await you but so do all kinds of monsters, perils, and construction that isn't up to code. Kobolds & Catacombs, Hearthstone's seventh expansion, adds 135 new collectible cards to the mix, all revolving around those silly Kobolds and their candles. The expansion adds a new keyword, Recruit, which summons a random minion from your deck and will be fun to play around with. We are also getting Spellstones, spells that can be upgraded if the player fulfills specific conditions, and, for the first time, Legendary Weapons.

The other big feature of this expansion is the single-player Dungeon Run mode, a rogue-like mode that has you playing against various bosses and upgrading your deck as you go along. The Dungeon Run has a total of 48 bosses to face, but each run you only have to beat 8 (which is easier said than done). I've played this mode at BlizzCon, and I can tell you that it's great fun. Kobolds & Catacombs is live in both NA and EU (EU gets it one day earlier than usual), so go get your free Legendary Weapon and packs.

  • chfuji

    The new musical opening scene only solidifies the fact that Blizzard just needs to start making their own movies already.