HQ Live Trivia Game Show [Free] continues to grow at a rapid pace, so rapid actually that the developers are struggling to improve the huge lag that has been frustrating players. Still, the iOS app has seen a 100 times increase in players over the last month or so, so it makes sense that the developers' next step is to bring the game over to Android. And it looks like the Android version is coming before Christmas. The developers tweeted that HQ has a nice little stocking stuffer coming the Android way, and since you don't stuff stockings after Christmas, the app should be dropping within the next two weeks and a bit.

HQ Trivia has really exploded in popularity, with its 12-questions-lose-one-and-you're-out gameplay striking a good balance between challenge and fun. And its live aspect has helped it become an event, which is a great way to advertise without spending money. If you haven't played the game yet, you should definitely try it, and if you're an Android player, you're probably joining the party very soon.

  • Michaelbacon

    Game is pretty cool so far. Only played 1 game but it makes me think back to the days of 1vs 100 on Xbox. Def check it out. Prize money is split between all winners. Game I played had like 30000 people playing. $1000 split between the 900 some peeps that won. It was only a couple bucks but it's free. I think it was 12 questions. Cool game. Check it out.