Carcassonne is a great board game that's seen a great iOS adaptation, but today Android users have reasons to be happy too. Asmodee Digital has remade the classic board game and released it on Android (the iOS version stays as is since Coding Monkeys has the rights for that one), and it looks like it's a great version of the classic game. Specifically, the new Carcassonne is a 3D version of the game (you can also play it in 2D if you prefer) with brand new artwork, hotseat multiplayer as well as asynchronous online play (cross-platform with the Steam version of the game), updated AI opponents, ranked games, and more.

The game launches at a discounted price of $1.99 (for the first month) and ships with The Abbot expansion. Many other expansions should be coming soon (Inns & Cathedrals, Traders & Builders, Princesses & Dragons), and also a Champion AI that will challenge even the best Carcassonne players. Carcassonne is a great game, and it looks like this Android version will give the classic iOS one a run for its money. Head over here to download the new Carcassonne.

  • fdfas9dfas9f

    Two expansions: The River and unlock The Abbot with your Asmodee account***

    instructions unclear;

    "The description is misleading. Based on the discription, i I thought the river expansion was also included with the purchase of the game."

  • ErikVeland

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but exactly what does 3D bring to this game? Looks far less polished than the iOS Carcassonne.

    • BaronVonChickenpants

      The 3D isn't great to be honest, but you can swap to 2D and it plays just as well as the IOS version. It's what Android needed, the old Android version was poor.

      • Rohit Bhatia

        i Don't know but the iOS version is pretty dull on my iPhone 6+ compared to new android version. Yeah 3D does not change anything but in 2D it is far more good in terms of graphics,gameplay and smoothness.