One of my favorite genres of touchscreen games are 3D object puzzle games like The Room because the touchscreen works great for games that simulate tactility. The upcoming game Riddlord is hoping to use the same recipe and have players solving three-dimensional puzzles in some good-looking environments. The game comes with an intriguing storyline that interweaves fictional characters with real stories about unsolved crimes (and everyone knows how popular real crime stories are right now). You will get to solve the puzzles of the Riddle Master, and as you do so, you'll explore the meaning of reality and a world where dream and life are hard to tell apart.

The game looks pretty cool in the trailer, with some good-looking art and objects. If the puzzles are done well and the story is actually interesting, Riddlord might end up being a stand out game for those who like the genre. Riddlord is coming in early December for both iOS and Android, so keep an eye out if you like puzzle adventure games.

  • Brandon Smith

    Interesting. I think The Room is/was a series that lost it's way. The first one was outstanding. The second one was great but expanded in the wrong ways. The third felt like it fully lost the plot, for me. The exploration stuff never seemed to work well and took away from what made the first game so great.

    I think mobile games need to be tightly focused. ALL games need a tight focus, but mobile games almost demand it.

    • Jason

      Totally agree...the third tried too hard to be Myst, and it worked much better in smaller confines.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Yep, I'm with you guys on this one.

  • Jason

    Any other Room-like games that people enjoy?
    Playing House of DaVinci, which is pretty good, but looking for more like them.

    • The Kallizm Reaktor

      Faraway: Puzzle Escape and Faraway 2 are pretty good and play similarly to The Room. Also free to try up to the 10th “level”.

      • MikeAK

        For some reason, I LOVED Faraway... more than I thought I would. Very nice looking and not at all overly convoluted, just a great game. Have already purchased the full second one but it’s a bit down on my To-Play list. Very excited though!