Albion Online is an upcoming cross-platform MMORPG that has been on our radar for a long time. We’ve even played the iPad version before but the release date for the final App Store version has evaded us. Well, we don’t have it right now but the team is looking for public beta testers on iOS right now. This is a step towards having it available on the store and you can sign up for the beta right here. Watch the gameplay trailer below:

Albion Online has something that has made it interesting to me. The lore is being developed quite richly and you can check it out here. The beta will be through TestFlight and will require players to own a Starter or Founders pack. Check out the various packs available here. The iOS beta will take place on the Live server and have all the features of the PC version available to iPhone and iPad users. While it will support various iOS devices, the recommended screen size is 7.9 inches and above and RAM being 3GB and higher is another recommendation. It will run on smaller screen and lower RAM devices but the full list is available here in tabular form. They do say that there’s a chance of it crashing on 2GB RAM devices. Check out the forum thread on Albion Online for more information.

  • whenslunchgames

    Oh heck yes! I’ve been waiting for this day!!!

  • NervJMSL

    Don't know it cool we are getting nice MMOs for Mobile devices, but after seeing Lineage... this one looks a bit too simple.

  • Degney

    Only games I play, if your looking for beta testers I'd love to help out. My email -

    • HouseofG

      Not quite how it works. And a horrible idea to post your email address on any web page.

      • Degney

        Iv done it loads of times and done beta testing this way. Been fine every time and how does it work then ? I have TestFlight...?

      • HouseofG

        That may work with some devs who are active here, but I seriously doubt with this one. There is a link to the beta sign up in the story, and there is apparently a requirement that you've bought a pack from them. And, regardless, bots harvest email addresses posted like that, so you are opening yourself to spam and worse.

      • Degney

        Fair enough but that is cheeky as f.... having to buy something for the beta HAHAHA what a joke im put off waste of time game

      • HouseofG

        Yeah I've never seen that one before.

  • borisy

    Another free to play game, not interested.

    • Milo

      I dont think any mobile developper will attempt to make a premium MMO ever again, Order and Chaos failed so hard when it tried and im sure anyone else who would try it would fail as well.

      Its unfortunate but paid MMOs dont make enough money 99% of the time, and on mobile its a 100% chance of failure.

      • Jeremy Price

        Such a failure that its still active. I realize it switched to ftp but it took awhile for that. If it “failed hard” it wouldve been ftp after a month

      • borisy

        And that’s the reason I don’t play mobile games. I’m fortunate to own 3DS.

    • Tychaeus the heck is it ftp? The cheapest pack is like $40. Think before speak.

  • BGB

    I love cross-platform multiplayer, and this may be a good game. However, I was really turned off by the blatant false advertising. The developers kept claiming that it is the "first cross-platform MMO" to run on "all" operating systems. Putting aside the fact that it didn't have iOS or Android support at launch, the fact that it won't run on smartphones, that it doesn't run on consoles, and that there are some operating systems it doesn't run on (OSes mainly focused on servers, like BSD, AIX, Solaris), the fact is that it is far from the first MMORPG to run on every major non-console gaming platform. For example, World of Dungeons is a browser-based MMORPG that launched in 2003. Unlike many other browser MMOs, it never used Flash or any other proprietery plugins, and it has a UI that works on a touchscreen. As a result, it runs on any platform with a web browser, and has done so since 2003. The lack of heavy graphics means it could have run on mobile devices from 2003 if they had web browsers, and it ran on the original iPhone before the App Store was added. You don't need an "app" for something if it requires an internet connection to work: it can just be a website.

    Even if you restrict only to games in the App Store, Albion Online isn't the first to be fully cross-platform. AdventureQuest 3D launched a year ago on the App Store and Google Play, and already ran in a browser (though the browser version can't really be played on a smartphone due to the UI being unsuited for touch controls). It probably isn't even the first MMORPG to do that, it's just the first example I thought of that predates Albion.

    • borisy

      Development is hard and sometimes developers need more time,simultaneous release everywhere would mean later release in which every team waits for the slowest guy.

      Also why you not complaining that game doesn’t run on Windows Mobile, DOS or Wii U? It’s not reasonable to expect every platform.