The original Space Marshals [$3.99] took the typically frantic dual-stick formula and injected a heavy dose of strategy and stealth gameplay into it, making it easily one of my favorite games of 2015. Then in August of last year developer Pixelbite released a sequel, which amped up the stealth elements and basically improved upon the original in every way. We loved Space Marshals 2 [$1.99] in our review and even awarded it Game of the Week upon release, and while a small content pack with some additional bonus levels was released back in March, I kind of figured that Pixelbite was finished with the game. Well, I was wrong! I was very happy to wake up to an update waiting for Space Marshals 2 which adds a new DLC pack centered around the character Ava.

Ava plays much differently and has access to all sorts of cool toys to help you work your way through her 10 new levels and side story. The DLC pack and new episode can be accessed through the pause menu during the regular game, and it will set you back $2.99 should you choose to buy it. While there's been no indication that there's more in store for Space Marshals 2 after this Ava Missions DLC, I'd happily pay for any more content updates like these as long as Pixelbite continues to make them. Even if this is it though, I'm perfectly happy to see new content in one of my favorite games that I thought was done getting new content. So if you enjoyed Space Marshals 2 and figured you were done, grab the latest update and consider buying the new DLC pack for an extra dose of an extra great game. As an added bonus, Space Marshals 2 is currently a buck off to celebrate the new update.

  • HouseofG

    While I heartily recommend this game, it looks like complete ass on my X compared to when I played and finished the game on my prior device. It's all squished, for lack of a better word. So you may want to wait for that relevant update if on an X.

  • Kahdmus

    One of my favorite iOS games of all time!!

  • Eduardo Ribeiro Bueno Netto

    I’m thinking about buying this DLC just because they’re amazing developers!! Just bought every other game from them!!

  • rhinofinger

    Yessss instabuy!

  • firefly72

    I love the Space Marshals Games,that are real one of the best Mobile Games ever! This DLC is a must have! Pixelbyte makes great Games,no inApp Purchases,they have make for SM 1 new Missions for free!! The Game Support is absolut Great and i pay this 2.99.- for the DLC Pack with Pleasure! Please make not too long with Space Marshal 3... 😉