Well, it's been a journey, hasn't it? After many trials and tribulations and years of development, the award-winning board game 7 Wonders [$4.99] is finally on the App Store, and it looks very promising. Just to give you an idea of how long this game has been in development, we wrote a story about it looking for beta testers more than two years ago and then again about 4 months ago. But nevertheless, despite the game taking more time to come to the App Store than it took to build the pyramids, it is now here, and it looks really good. 7 Wonders has won a ton of awards (its publisher claims it has won the most awards in the world) and has a ton of fans around the world.

7 Wonders is a card-drafting game played using three decks of cards that feature commercial activity, ancient civilizations, and military conflicts. You get to construct scientific buildings, trade with neighbors, fight with your opponents at the end of each age, and, of course, build the 7 Wonders. The game comes with online multiplayer, which I'm glad to hear, and looks good on tablets (sorry, no iPhone version at the moment). I'm glad the game is finally available, and I hope it's bug free after all this time in development.

  • islesfan

    This looks interesting, but no iPhone and it doesn't look like it can compete with Through the Ages.

    • Taylorian

      Yeah, I just checked to see iPhone vs iPad sales, and not releasing this on iPhone as well seems ridiculous. Reducing their number of potential customers by 75 percent.

      Repo on twitter said iPhone version is in R&D and no decision has been made yet.

  • Greg Courter

    You say it has online play, but what kind? Realtime and/or asynchronous? And can you choose opponents or only random? Can you mix AI and humans? This type of information is too often left out of pre and reviews.

  • Sarah Reed

    I'm disappointed so far because the only way to access "Offline" solo play is to be Online for the app to check in. And then multiplayer online is only quick matches. You can't create a game against specific people. I haven't tried a quick match, but I assume its real time with some kind of timer.

    I really wish I had waited to get this. I just hope they add true offline solo play and the ability to challenge your friends really soon.