Today's made up holiday is Abet and Aid Punsters Day, which apparently is a day where you're supposed to come up with terrible puns and encourage others to do the same. This holiday likely had more relevance before Reddit became a thing and terrible puns took over the internet. Regardless of where you stand on puns, there's a load of awesome games that have come out this week along with a few more that we know of which haven't popped up on the App Store yet like South Park Phone Destroyer. Stay tuned for that sometime later tonight or tomorrow!

Here's all the games that have been posted to our forums:

As usual, keep an eye out for our full roundup later this evening.

  • Milotorou

    Oh Square Enix, please hear my plea.

    Bring us Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition tonight, we will be forever grateful.

    I will forever believe in thee.

  • vectorarchitekt

    Zach Gage's new solitaire game is due out

  • Smelly Sock

    I am excited about the South Park game tonight.

  • gsaint73

    Where is Grid autosport ???

  • gsaint73

    Oceanhorn 2 ??

  • gsaint73

    The English version of Contra revolution