It was way back in March that developer Feral Interactive announced that they'd be bringing a feature-complete version of Codemasters' hit 2014 console and PC racer GRID Autosport to the mobile platform, and it's been a painful wait ever since. While originally slated for a spring release, Feral delayed the mobile version of GRID in May and instead pegged it for release this autumn. Well, with autumn in full swing and winter fast approaching, there's still no set release date in sight, but Feral says development on GRID Autosport has been going smoothly and barring any disasters we should be getting the game on mobile before the year is out. To that end, they've recently released a new trailer showcasing the features of the mobile version of GRID Autosport, check it out.

The game continues to look incredible, just as it did with the original gameplay teaser in June, the cockpit camera teaser in July, and the first official full trailer back in September. We have well established that the game looks great, so let's just release it already! Ok, I'm only half serious about that, as I don't want GRID Autosport released until it's good and ready, even if that meant (heaven forbid) another delay. Hopefully they'll nail that autumn release window as planned, and in the meantime you can check out all kinds of discussion including info straight from Feral in the game's forum thread.

  • Jinxtah

    This is going to be absolutely glorious. Feral are amazing at porting games to the platform, and I can't wait for this game to be available. I own it for the PC, but have no real interest in it there, but I would play the heck out of it while not at my PC using a controller.

  • Duane Locsin

    a title to us starving for paid console class games on mobile.
    Ready to grab it once it's available.

    Had Grid Autosport on my PS3 with a Logitech G27 wheel, stick and pedals, along with the games sound and atmosphere it was great.

    Obviously this will not fully capture that experience on mobile, but with a Game Vice MFI controller, a good set of cans and just relaxing in bed with a huge 12.9' iPad screen I think I'll pull through😋

  • Luzsec

    Too long to wait

  • knownquantity

    Definite buy for me. Crossing fingers for an ATV version later on after the initial iPhone/iPad release...