Zach Gage is one of my favorite game designers because he's really good at taking really basic game concepts that you're already familiar with, like searching for words or playing chess, and adding a weird twist that makes the end result simply phenomenal. This was the case with Really Bad Chess [Free], SpellTower [$2.99], and most of his other games. He's already taken on solitaire with the fantastic Sage Solitaire [Free], but moments ago just announced his next title: Flipflop Solitaire.

It's basically the foundation of Solitaire, but the rules shifted a bit to where you can stack cards up, down, or even both ways but you can only move stacks of a single unit. The thought is sort of breaking my brain, but like most Zach Gage games, I'm sure it'll make sense inside of about 10 seconds of playing it.

For more details on the game, and a brief slideshow that shows off more of how the game mechanic works, head over to the Flipflop Solitaire web site.

  • vectorarchitekt


  • AppStore Cowboy

    Zack Gage needs to stop making games because I've got a job and a family to support and every time he release another game I end up down a rabbit hole.

  • baconcow

    Sounds like Spider Solitaire with fewer tableau and foundation spaces.

    • Zach Gage

      Spider Solitaire was a big inspiration! Discovering it is actually what led me to make this. At first I just wanted a version of Spider that fit properly on a phone screen (10 piles is just bonkers), but it ended up being definitely quite different. In spider you can only go down, and there are no foundation spaces at all. It's weird how in Solitaire small rule changes have huge effects on the way the game feels

      • baconcow

        Definitely checking this out when it hits. Always a fan of different takes on solitaire formula. Play tons of SolSuite. This has great aesthetics, too. It will be nice having another good solitaire on iOS.

      • Precious Tritium

        Thank you for Spelltower! I still play it all the time it's been my favorite word game for years. Good luck with the new game!