It's hard to believe that 10tons launched their fantastic dual-stick shooter Neon Chrome [$6.99] on iOS almost an entire year go, as the game still feels as fresh and fun as it did last November. Following its great reception on mobile, questions quickly turned to when 10tons would be releasing the Arena mode DLC that had been added to the desktop version of Neon Chrome this past January. Well, it took longer than I think we all thought it would, but today that Arena mode DLC has finally arrived in the mobile version of Neon Chrome.

The Arena mode acts as a survival type of mode and has you choosing a class type and running through wave after wave of increasingly difficult baddies until finally succumbing to the challenge and posting your score to a global leaderboard. The Arena mode will set you back $1.99 and offers even more ways to enjoy this already highly replay-able shooter. Oh, and if you have yet to pick up Neon Chrome on iOS, there's some extra incentive. It's currently on sale for just $2.99 down from its normal price of $9.99, meaning you can grab the base game and the DLC for less than the normal cost of the game itself. Whadda deal!

  • Milotorou

    And i was waiting for a sale to get it !

    Was waiting to get 30% or more... didnt expect the game to end up this cheap... ill make sure I pass the word to get many to buy then !

    Thanks guys 😊

  • boydstr

    Little bit strange that first buyers bought the game for the full price of $9,99 and have to pay up for the DLC while new buyers get the game for a greatly reduced price and get the DLC in one package.

    • boydstr

      Don’t understand me wrong I think it’s great for people that didn’t play the game and get the game for such a reduced price but I don’t understand that the developers let first time buyers pay up for DLC while giving it away for free to new buyers.

      • Far_Out

        Actually I think for newcomers it's $3 sale price plus $2 for DLC, so this is $5 same as the launch price without DLC.

      • boydstr

        I wrote my message on the assumption that people that bought the game on release that they had to pay for the DLC but after my post I looked at the AppStore and I saw that the DLC update is for free 😬 for people that bought the game,mistake on my side.

      • Cameron Mulder

        You sure about that? Doesn't appear to be free for me and I bought the game some time ago.

      • boydstr

        I found there is a update for it and I downloaded it and the arena DLC is included.
        (l ook pic)

    • Milotorou

      Actually when the game released it was 4.99 for two weeks. Those who bought first enjoyed the game first on top of having a 50% discount.

      • boydstr

        Mabey I spoke to soon it’s a time ago
        that I bought the game but I remember that I bought it on release so I must have paid 4,99 seeing it in that light it is easier to swallow.

  • lezrock

    What happened to the coop mode?

  • Reaganomics

    I assume they needed to make a profit since the game's release on iOS, apart from the steam version.

  • MikeAK

    Great game for sure!! Played the hell outta it till I got Overseer to version 11 or 12 then got burned out. But to anyone on the fence, this is a great opportunity to pick up a gem!! Will def keep you busy for a while, and that’s not even counting the new DLC. Cannot recommend enough!! Perfect for iPhone gaming as you can enjoy it for 2-3 minutes, or 2-3 hours at a time.

    • Far_Out

      Overseer 11 or 12? I must really suck, I'm still battling to get to 3. it is a steal at $3 bucks