Slitherine has made a fantastic name for themselves in the strategy game arena of the App Store, particularly when it comes to games based around realistic settings. Their previous release, Vietnam '65 [$9.99 (HD)], for instance, tackled the Vietnam War. These kind of war games always seem divorced from reality enough that you can still enjoy them as a game, even though the premise is very real. Afghanistan '11 [$19.99 (HD)] is pretty interesting as it's a game about a conflict that's still active (which is really sort of hard to believe when you consider how long the US has been fighting over there). This maks Afghanistan '11 feel a bit too real for me, but maybe that's a good thing for fans of these kind of modern era military strategy games?

In Afghanistan '11, you don't just need to win battles, you also need to win the hearts and minds of the people, which (as we've seen in real life) is easier said than done. Check out the trailer:

Afghanistan '11 was well received when it was released on PC earlier this year, and it's safe to assume that the game will be just as good on the iPad. Unfortunately, like most Slitherine games, that's the one rub with this game- It's iPad only, leaving iPhone-owning strategy fans out in the cold. We've also got a thread in our forums which will likely fill out with first impressions over the course of the day.

  • Lickzy

    Not a peep on the price so far? I’m speechless.

  • Matt Jankowski

    Not likely to buy any more slitherine games. After all the money I put into battle academy and other similar games but no update for ios11? I am out of pocket hundreds of usd to these guys...

  • Qaioud

    I find this kinda incredible.

    All slitherine games were basically nuked w/ the advent of iOS 11, right? Hundreds of pounds of apps, nuked, bc of a lack of dev support. Right?

    So this is a dev that’s either pitching for interest from a historic audience of high-spend strategy gamers that they’ve just massively shafted. With an all-new, actual £20, super-deep strategy game, that’s most likely to appeal to the exact same tiny pool of high spend strategy gamers they’ve just massively shafted.

    Or they’re actually hoping to pick up an all new audience of all new high spend strategy gamers, who are totally up for arbitrarily blowing £20 on one of the deepest strategy titles around, having never before tried (or been acquainted with) Slitherine. Or their recent practises.

    This is, just, what? Treat us like scum, then make us beg for more? How does that work?

    • Dehumanizer

      Slitherine's Panzer Corps and its two Warhammer 40K alternatives (Armageddon and Da Orks) work on iOS 11, at least, even though they haven't been updated in a year.

    • DotComCTO

      Anything that used the Battle Academy engine was killed off by iOS 11 (BA, BA2, Pike & Shot, and Hell), and also Commander The Great War, Qvadriga, and a few others. Over the past 2 years, I argued many times with Slitherine on forums & tweets about this (Apple announced the end of 32-bit support a LONG time ago).

      TL;DR: Slitherine does not have the ability to upgrade these games without significant dev and QA costs - not to mention time lost working on other projects. They're just too small of a company.

  • DotComCTO

    I'm conflicted about this one. I, too, invested in a lot of their games, and I'm still ticked off that the BA engine games won't ever make it to 64-bit iOS. Those were some of my favorite games. Every time I think about it, I get upset. Fortunately, there are still many Slitherine & Shenandoah games that work just fine on iOS 11.

    Anyway, the TL;DR from Slitherine is that the iOS market has changed dramatically, and F2P games dominate the charts. Therefore, they'll only be bringing games that are based on cross platform engines (e.g., Unity), to iOS.

    So, I feel like if I don't support this game with a purchase, it'll only validate their opinion that iOS isn't worth supporting.

  • Gary

    Not a peep on the price so far? I’m speechless.

  • baconcow

    I had watched some Let's Play on this game on PC. While it looked very interesting, the $27.99 CAD price is beyond prohibitive (for me) for a mobile game. Also, after seeing how Slitherine did not support their games, at the iOS 11 transition, I am quite hesitant to trust their application support.