Originally announced in July of last year, we first reported about the ambitious upcoming post-apocalyptic first-person adventure The Sun in July of THIS year when its first official trailer dropped, and we thought it was shaping up quite nicely. In truth, The Sun has been in development for more than 3 years by a tiny team with a core of just 3 people, and in early August we got word that the game was nearing completion and should be released by the end of the month. Well, as is often the case, the game wasn't quite ready for release by then and after wondering when a new release date might be announced for the past month or so The Sun: Origin [$0.99] finally did officially launch in the App Store early Saturday morning.

So far the impressions of The Sun rolling into our forums since the weekend have been quite positive, and although there's certainly some rough edges and a less-than-stellar English translation most people are having a great time with the game and see the potential it has. Plus, the entire game is just two dollars with no IAP. With such a tiny team working on such an ambitious title, I really hope The Sun can succeed even at such a low price. The developers already have an update in the works for the game too which will add in MFi controller support and a bunch of other new features. So if you're into first-person shooters with a post-apocalyptic vibe like the Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, definitely consider jumping into the world of The Sun: Origin for a couple of bucks and leave your thoughts about it in the game's forum thread.

  • boydstr

    I surely pick this one up when the MIFI update has come out because this type of game plays the best with a controller.

    • Kwadius

      I said the same thing but got it anyways lol

  • Valu Gamez

    Holy moly...you can't even find a game like this on console right now, let alone one without microtransactions. Definitely picking it up.

    • Onikage725

      I know we don't have entries THIS year, but this console gen has Fallout and Farcry. So I don't think I'd say there's nothing like this, personally.

  • Jon Smith

    Just bought it. I like supporting small studios (especially when they don't use IAP) and this game looks like something I'll like so I am happy to part with a mere two dollars.

  • Luzsec

    One of my favorite dev, he always make all my iPhone games like PC games! Instabuy for this one

  • Morgan Leecy

    Amazed a game that looks this good is only £2 with no on-release iap Purchased on principal to support the team if I play it or not. I will need controller to play though. FPS and on screen controls turns me off

  • Ashley Marie

    So far, I'm loving this game! And it has so much potential!

    With that said, one can't help but notice the broken English translation. And considering there is a significant amount of text in the game, the translation issues can get distracting.


    Like I said, I'm really loving this game and I want to see it succeed, so I decided to offer the developers a bit of assistance. I contacted the dev team to offer some free help with their game's English text. I figured that by helping them, I'm also helping myself because I will enjoy the game a little more if the text pieces were improved.

    To summarize, the devs accepted my offer and I began working on improving the game's text today! It's ALOT of text and it won't be a quick job lol, but I just wanted to let you all know that English text/dialogue improvements are on the way!