The day is finally here, everyone; Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times [$4.99] has finally launched, and I know many (including me) can't wait to get their hands on the game. Warhammer Quest 2 is the sequel to the fantastic 2013 Warhammer Quest—a game I've spent many hours playing—and it looks like it's raising the bar across the board. In this turn-based dungeon crawling, you are the last thing that stands between the forces of Chaos and total annihilation. What you do in the game? Well, put a party together consisting of sorcerers, witch hunters, warriors, dwarfs, and all kinds of other characters, kill a ton of creatures, and grab all kinds of loot. You then use that loot to improve your party and dive into the next dungeon.

The sequel has seen many improvements over the original. First of all, the game is fully 3D this time around, which means you can zoom in and take in the sights at will. There are also important changes in the way your party will level up. Now instead of getting stronger as the game progresses, your party members get more options and tactical choices. That way, enemies are always challenging, which makes the game more interesting. This game is really a no-brainer if you like the genre. Warhammer Quest 2 costs $4.99 and comes with the first expansion pack, which contains the region of Reikland and a new story campaign along with Skaven enemies. The expansion pack is also $4.99. See you in the dungeons everyone.

  • The Kallizm Reaktor

    Insta-bought! Hrnngghhh!

  • Dunan

    Currently doesn't work on iOS 10 devices.

    • Tychaeus

      Yep, is sad. LOTS of horrible stuttering too, even just on the start screen, as well as in game from reports of those that can play.

    • Pedro Rama da Silva

      No? On my app store it shows up as requiring 10.0 or more, so I would think it would work
      With all those problems, I just stopped my instabuy

  • hazmatte

    Damn! iOS 10 required? I'm still on ios8... So much for that instability!

  • tdunaj

    I did the first two missions and it is working well.