Sometimes it's easy to take for granted the sheer number of great classic RPGs we can carry around on our phones these days. A big part of that line-up comes from Beamdog and Overhaul's enhanced ports of the classic Infinity Engine PC RPGs from the 1990s. Beginning with Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition [$9.99] back in late 2012, Beamdog and Overhaul have since released iOS versions of Icewind Dale [$9.99], Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition [$9.99], and earlier this year, Planescape: Torment [$9.99]. Having just recently finished updating all of the games with 64-bit iOS 11 support, the publisher appears to be celebrating with a sale on all of their iOS releases.

This is the first time Planescape: Torment has ever gone on sale, while the other games are at as low of prices as they've ever been. The complete list of games on sale follows, along with links to TouchArcade's reviews of each.

For those who just want the short version without checking all of the reviews, these are really great ports of the games and are easy to recommend to anyone playing on an iPad. If you're on an iPhone, the developers have done their best to include options like zooming and increasing the size of the text, but be aware that some people find it a little too cramped on smaller screens. Personally, I think they're fine, but I know that not everyone feels the same way. There's no word yet on how long this sale will run, so as usual you might want to get while the getting is good.

  • lezrock

    If i would only grab one of them, which would be the best adventure ride and maybe the "best" game? Thx!

    • Michal Hochmajer

      It depends...
      Baldur's Gate 2 EE

      eventually Planescape: Torment if you are looking for something little different.
      You can't pick wrong here.
      All games in the list are great, just keep in mind, that playing these legendary games on tablet is bare minimum (at least 9,7) and if you didn't play them before...controls should be a bit tough. Good ol' games. 🙂

  • Jinxtah

    I went to post a question about this on the forum, but I seem to be shadowbanned there for some reason. I'm not sure what I did, but that's a huge bummer. I can only see my posts there when I'm logged in. They just disappear when I'm not. Can some admin please get back to me on what the problem is?

  • Milotorou

    Here ive been contemplating getting Planescape.... ill get it now !

    I hope this sale marks the landing of Siege of Dragonspear ?

    I want it !!!

    • Saveria

      I don't think so :(( what I've heard is that adding Siege of Dragonspear content makes the Baldur's Gate game too big to be allowed by Apple to be sold on the app store. Or something like that. Someone correct me please if km wrong tho bc I hope I am, I'd love to play Dragonspear someday on my device

      • Milotorou

        They have to develop it as a seperate app, last news i had was they are still trying to wrap their heads around the 4gb limit if the app store.

        Please update me too if you have anything 😂

  • Akesycu

    snatched up IWD.

    PST will follow some time.

  • Jinxtah

    Uhm, my comment disappeared from here? Can some admin please tell me what's going on. I appear to have been shadowbanned for no reason on the forums (same username). I'd appreciate someone at least explaining what the deal is and why. This is highly discouraging.

    • houseofg

      I'd be shocked if it were intentional. Happens to me sometimes as well.

      • Jinxtah

        I'm very shocked that it has happened, considering I haven't done anything which would warrant it, but here we are. Currently waiting to hear back from an admin, but so far nothing.

      • Hiraether


      • Jinxtah

        What? You think lag on a forum caused me to be shadowbanned? Also, I still haven't heard back from an admin...

  • eugenemcardle

    Anyone who doesn't buy all theses at this price needs their head read. These are all excellent ports of some of the best games ever produced.

    • Jinxtah

      Well yes and no. I am questioning the decision to charge us for content that's in the PC version by default. We have to pay 12 dollars more for the "full" game through IAP in BG 2: EE. That's kinda weird.

      • Shaun Musgrave

        Basically Beamdog knew charging the $20 price they do on other platforms would be suicide in the App Store. So they split it to get the base price under $10. Even buying all the DLC, you're still paying less than you would on other platforms if you grab the game while it's on sale. But the DLC is also totally extraneous. The original game and its expansion content are all included in the base price, which means you get one of the best RPGs ever made for a fiver. If you want to get the new characters on top of that, you can.

      • Jinxtah

        That makes sense, I suppose. Could you look at my other comments by any chance? I appear to have been shadowbanned on the forums for no reason. I shot you guys an email as well. I'm very puzzled as to what's happening.

      • Shaun Musgrave

        I would look into it if I could, but I actually don't have anything more than normal privileges on the forums/disqus. You'll have to wait for a mod or admin to wake up. Sorry.

  • metalsquid

    All are still full price on Singapore App Store. Shame. Would have picked up ID and PST.

    • Raúl González

      They were on sale in the morning here in Dominican Republic and managed to pick up Planescape, but later in the day when I wanted to buy both Baldur's, they now appear as full price.... Regret not buying in the morning....

      • metalsquid

        Thanks. I must have been too slow then. I thought I had seen the half off price too when I first got the watchlist notification. It must have reverted back while I was checking reviews.

      • houseofg

        Yeah that sale wasn't even a day! Glad I pounced on the two I didn't have.

    • metalsquid

      Watchlist just alerted me of price drops again! Rushed to the store all ready this time. But they're still full price. What a cocktease 🙁

      • houseofg

        Hmm... They do seem to be on sale again. For being so garden walled, the app store is a strange strange place.

  • stormchild

    The writing at TA is at as low of quality as it’s ever been.

    • houseofg

      It's a friggin sale alert (and perfectly informative at that) but thanks for the drive-by constructive criticism.

    • Tychaeus You pick a price drop/sale reminder to judge quality of writing? That just shows us all that you aren't too clever anyway and likely a poor judge of quality writing. Fevered egos tainting our collective unconscious...