I don't want to use the old equivalency argument for App Store pricing - for example, I rely on caffeine to live, and therefore $3.99 for a much-needed coffee is incomparable to a four dollar game. However, there are times when some of the best mobile releases are just so good that prices below ten dollars almost feel like stealing. Death Point [$1.99] was one such title, and its $5.99 cost of entry was a bargain for the awesome stealth shooting action within. In the strange case that you thought six dollars was too much, or perhaps you spent too much money on the other recent excellent 2017 releases, Death Point has today gone on a 50% sale for the first time, and is now available at a measly $2.99.

In a similarly mysterious fashion to the game's initial App Store debut, there is no indication of why Death Point is on sale, or even how long it will stay at this 50% price. For all we know, this $2.99 could be a new permanent price, or it could revert back to normal within a few days. As a result, I'd advise anyone interested to pick up Death Point as soon as possible, especially off the back of a neat new update that added MFi controller support and a whole host of enhancements and additions. As a sucker for stealth mechanics in games, I can't recommend Death Point enough - check out our forum thread and Discord server for even more impressions on Andiks' sneaky shooter.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Bought on your recommendation. Thanks Rob!

  • bob sabiston

    I dug out my old MadCatz controller this week to try Kickass Commandos and have been looking for other good games with MiFi -- sold!

  • boydstr

    This game plays so much better with an controller. I don’t understand that they sell the game for such a low price,I can recommend this for people that like stealth games.The light and shadow effects are awesome.So do yourself a favor and pick this up before the sale is over but whatever the price the game is it worth.