Between Into the Dead 2, The Talos Principle and Lionheart: Dark Moon, we've got a triple whammy of awesome games to soak up the rest of our week. It also just so happens that we can triple dip on made up holidays today to celebrate. Start by asking your parents out to lunch to celebrate National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, then suggest you go find some food trucks to celebrate National Food Truck Day, then find a truck serving sausage pizza to finish the trifecta by celebrating National Sausage Pizza Day. Hardcore stuff right there. Anyway, a bunch of other games were released this week.

Here's the latest from our forums:

I sort of doubt there's going to be more surprises that pop up throughout the day, what with The Talos Principle and all... But, the App Store is a weird place so who knows!

  • Jinxtah

    so what's worthwhile here other than the talos principle?

    • Gurney Halleck

      I grabbed up The Quest: Hero of Lukomorye 2 on the new HD engine and it's definitely worth it, especially if you haven't played yet

      • Jinxtah

        I bought the quest HD a while back, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I also bought the expansion "isles of whatever it was called". I'm just curious what this new "2" is. Is it just a continuation of the 1st expansion with that name and the number "1", and it's just some lazy naming scheme, or what?

        And what order should I play it all in, if I were to buy all the expansions for the HD remake before playing.

  • Nathan Reinauer

    Damn, it's National Take Your Parents To A Food Truck Serving Sausage Pizza For Lunch Day already? Where does the time go?

  • stinkatron5000

    Glad to see that there's no Gallagher in sight in My Oasis.

  • gfidge

    Smash Up by Asmodee has also been out for about 5 days now. Not sure how to post a link so will leave it to someone else. Definitely worth a look...enjoying it here.