The name of the game lately on the App Store has been some top-tier ports, and if you thought things couldn't get much better than a surprise release of The Witness, this morning Apple announced The Talos Principle will be coming to the App Store this week courtesy of Devolver Digital. It'll have a new control scheme that takes advantage of the touch screen, which should play in nicely with the slower pace of the game.

The Talos Principle is currently rocking an 88 on Metacritic, with many original reviewers enjoying the puzzle design and unique story that explores the mysteries of a sentient robot. It's a game that I've heard a ton of people talking about over the years and just never actually ever sat down and played, so much like The Witness this'll be a great opportunity for people in similar situations.

The Talos Principle will be released this week, stay tuned for when it goes live on the App Store as we'll post a followup.

  • Jinxtah

    The link in the forum said it was only available for the American storefront. I trust this will change. Otherwise I'll be sad.

    • Jt Jt

      I believe the link you speak of is some sort of story article. Not to be construed as the game link itself because the game hasn't been released yet. I get the same note for my country.

      • Jinxtah

        Aha. Alright that gives me a little hope.

      • Danny_HR

        This is correct. The game will be available world wide.

      • Jinxtah

        Fantastic. Is there any info out about a price point, perchance?

      • Shari Morehead

        I'm wondering if it'll be similar to Android's release, where I think they did episodes, total around $25-ish? First ep $4.99, and then I think 5 more or something like that. This game is currently on sale for PS4 for like $12.49 on Playstation Store (digital) - I'd rather actually play this on iPad though. Holding out if the release is this week. I'd like to know the price too. 🙂

      • Danny_HR

        $4,99, and it's available now. 🙂

  • Morgan Leecy

    IS this a stripped down version or full? Never played on my PC due to time but mobile puts it on the list again

    • Eli Hodapp

      Appears to be the full version.

      • Gurney Halleck

        This is Golden! I have been meaning to play this in my steam library for almost 3 years now, but never have gotten around to it with most of my gaming being on Mobile now (so I can just pick up and play when I have pockets of time.) I am through the moon with excitement to finally play The Talos Principle on my new iPad! This is definitely going to be a day one purchase for me!

      • Morgan Leecy


      • HelperMonkey

        I was interested in this game on Steam, too. But now that it’s a MOBILE GAME I have lost all interest.
        Mobile “gaming!” Hahahahahaha!
        There’s no REAL games on mobile, Eli.
        (Also, it will probably be a fraction of the price of the exact same game on Steam, which is WAY TOO MUCH for a mobile game.)

      • Nate Ready

        I hope you're trolling.

      • HelperMonkey

        It was supposed to be more like satire of the typical, illogical complaints Eli hears all day.
        Seriously, I’m going to grab this.
        (Meanwhile, I think Tazos should get dibs on the review.)

      • David-Michael

        What is a “real” game then helpermonkey? There are plenty of great games on mobile that aren’t just ported and restricted versions of console and pc games

      • BobGarrish

        You know you've threaded the needle when it's obvious sarcasm but a couple people still took it seriously.

    • Danny_HR

      This is the full game! 😉

  • 1amgroot

    I absolutely loved this game on Steam!! I hope it ports over well.

  • Luzsec

    I need to refill igc again

  • Barrett Bear Baker

    I got motion sickness from the witness. I pray i dont get it from this beaut’. Maybe playing in 3rd person will help

    • Danny_HR

      Third person is my preferred camera for this. And I haven't heard of anyone getting motion sickness so far, so hopefully you're good.

  • Stephanie

    One of my favorite games of the last decade. Glad it's getting an iOS port! Now they just need to update the Sigils of Elohim companion app to 64-bit.

  • Zineman

    As much as I enjoyed 'The Witness' this is a better game and right up there with 'Portal'. If they've done a good job transferring it to iOS it'll be a must-buy.

  • triwolf

    If it's the full version, this is awesome news! The Witness made me want to play the Talos Principle again, and now it's coming to iOS!!

  • Kiltedsheep