Finding deals on iTunes gift cards typically isn't that difficult these days, but it usually involves jumping through at least a few small hoops. Things like buying through eBay, being a Costco member, and other stuff which are ever-so-slightly more work than just hitting "Buy Now" on Amazon and getting a gift card worth $100. That's the case with today's deal of a $100 iTunes gift card for $85. Mash the link, hit buy, add the code that gets sent to you to your iTunes account, and you just saved $15 on apps and games.

We mention it every week, but buying stuff on Amazon through our links goes a long way to supporting the site. Depending on the item, we get varying levels of commission which Amazon would just keep otherwise. Hilariously enough, in this particular instance we get 0% on all gift card purchases, but, eh, it's the thought that counts. If you do a lot of shopping through Amazon, we'd love it if you'd remember to visit first and click through our link so we get credit.

We've had some pretty absurdly great weeks full of premium game releases, so you could probably blow through this $100 pretty quick- Why not save some cash easily in the process?

  • gquiller

    First of all, thanks for posting ways that we can support TA.

    I might be mistaken, but it appears to be in mail only. Did I miss something? Apologies either way...

    • Brian E

      Yeah, physical card... but if you're a Prime member you'll get it in 2 days. Otherwise I think it's free shipping in their regular 3-5 day window?

  • korossyl

    Yah, a 15% discount on a $100 purchase is good business sense, but a 7% commission on app referrals needs to be throttled, post-haste!

  • Heffa

    Great find! Can this be used for iCloud and Apple Music subscriptions too

  • Gurney Halleck

    Thanks for the heads up! Bought ^_^*

  • Jinxtah

    Does not ship to Denmark, buuuh. Besides, it would cost more than you'd save to ship it probably. Shame it's not digital.

    • Nightxx

      Amazon never sells third party digital gift cards and would never allow it, its against their policy.

      • Jinxtah

        That doesnt make it less of a shame.