Spiderweb Software's Avernum series has a really interesting history. The first three games in the Avernum series are based on the first three games in the Exile series, also by Spiderweb, that were released in the mid-90s. The first Avernum and its sequel were originally released in 2000 with Avernum 3 arriving in 2002. Then, in 2011, Spiderweb decided to reboot and remake that original trilogy of Avernum games with a new game engine and expanded features. The first fruit of that endeavor was Avernum: Escape from the Pit [$9.99 (HD)], which gets its subtitle from the 1995 game Exile: Escape from the Pit. See how all this stuff comes full circle? It's pretty neat. Following that was Avernum 2: Crystal Souls [$9.99 (HD)] in 2015, which again takes its title from the Exile sequel Exile II: Crystal Souls. Now Spiderweb has gone and announced the final game in this rebooted trilogy, Avernum 3: Ruined World and–you guessed it!–it derives its name from the third Exile game Exile III: Ruined World. Check out the awesome trailer.

Alongside the announcement of Avernum 3: Ruined World for release on Mac and Windows, an iPad version is also in the works. This is especially exciting news as not only do Spiderweb's brand of expansive, complex, and decidedly old-school RPGs translate extremely well to the iPad, but you might also remember that back in the spring of 2015 Spiderweb nearly dropped making games for the iPad at all due to an issue with Apple's iOS software at that time. Thankfully the one man studio was able to work out those issues and launch Avernum 2: Crystal Souls on iPad as planned. Now we are getting the third game on iPad too, and since there aren't a whole lot of developers dedicating time to making RPGs like this anymore I'm quite thankful for that. The plan right now is to launch Avernum 3: Ruined World on Mac and Windows in the first quarter of 2018 with the iPad version coming sometime after. We'll let you know when more specific details on the iPad release are revealed.

  • Dankrio

    Maybe it is time to finally get into it.

    • JasonLL

      Absolutely. Avernum and Avadon have some of my favorite characters and overall writing in role playing. Spiderweb games, at least for me, have been a perfect hybrid of the earlier Ultima series and the later more narrative driven Black Isle games.

      • Dankrio

        Thanks! How complicated are the mechanics? That's what worries me on old-school games, since I don't have the time to dig in complex mechanics (not plot).

      • ashmike3

        Pretty straight forward and well done. I don't think you will find it complicated.

      • Dankrio

        Thanks! Going to give it a try, for sure.

        I remember Shaun has sing high praise on his rpg reload.

  • loox

    .0/ .0/ .0/

    How am I going to wait that long? These are so good. Great storytelling and nostalgia. The controls quickly become natural and are well implemented.

    .0/ .0/ .0/

  • Jinxtah

    Knew it was coming, but it's still fantastic news. Mr. Vogel's games are the best RPGs for iOS, and arguably the best RPGs from an indie dev regardless of platform.

    I wonder if he'll update the 4th and 5th game as well and put them on iOS. I've not yet started on the Avernum series because of waiting for the third, even though I own them all for the pc as well. I wouldn't want to wait years for the 4th and 5th installment though.

    • Dankrio

      You guys are really encouraging me to play. The story closes on the trilogy? The next ones are are something entirely different?

      Really excited to play.

  • Jason

    Great, but I wish Vogel would actually attempt some UI improvements rather than straight ports. So many tiny buttons...