While we've already posted a ton of games from PAX, there's one straggler we haven't yet due to an embargo we agreed to on the show floor. It's a board game that has had not one but two successful Kickstarters. All together, they've raked in over $400,000, which really goes to show just how wild people on Kickstarter are about board games. The digital companion to the physical version of Evolution is well on its way. We first saw the game at PAX a year ago, and then once again at PAX South, it's been fascinating watching the game evolve through the various conferences, particularly with the latest and most recent look at PAX West 2017:

It's wild how much more polished the game has gotten. I've always loved the concept of evolving your own dinosaurs with a variety of traits and strategies since I first heard of the game. It has gotten so much better in recent iterations that I'm genuinely excited to play it when it's finally released. From the sounds of things, the current plan is do another Kickstarter, with funds that will go to vastly improving the already significantly improved game. They're going to do things like add multiplayer and other cool stuff that would be nice to have, but the game as-is is ready to be released without all those things- At least on Steam.

Given the unbelievable success of the previous Evolution Kickstarters it seems fans of the game who are already invested will effortlessly bring it over the goal line. Meanwhile, I'll be here waiting to finally play this game when it's properly released on iPad.

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