With the big Apple conference occurring later today, the impending 32-bit Appocalypse that we've wrote about at length over the past few weeks is closer than ever. While it's been extremely gratifying to see so many developers update their classic titles to support the demands of iOS 11, there will inevitably be some games that will depart the App Store in the next few weeks, and QuestLord [Free] appears to be one of them. Having last been updated in December 2013, QuestLord is sadly still only 32-bit compatible, and with the developer's focus presumably being on the upcoming sequel, the retro-themed dungeon crawler is currently sitting firm in iOS death row. To perhaps give mobile gamers one final chance to play this iconic mobile RPG, Lava Level has today made QuestLord free to download for the first time since its February 2013 release.

While this sudden price drop is by no means the death knell for the title - a 64-bit compatibility update may be on the horizon - things certainly don't look good for QuestLord at the moment. Yes, the upcoming sequel will likely improve on almost every aspect of a game that, in truth, hasn't aged that well. However, the sheer extent of coverage that our very own Shaun Musgrave has given QuestLord over the past couple of years emphasises the game's place as an essential part of the history of the role-playing genre on iOS. QuestLord featured in the March RPG Reload Play-Along, and was the subject of the thirtieth RPG Reload introspective two years prior. QuestLord's accessibility, pace and balance made it a fantastic entry point for anyone normally intimidated by the slow trudge of similar titles, and I'd definitely recommend giving the game's review and aforementioned features a read if you're at all interested. Considering iOS 11 could be mere days away, download QuestLord for free now, as this could be your final chance to do so.

  • korossyl

    An iPhone without QL is an iPhone I don't want to have!

    • http://www.erickinkead.com Eric Kinkead

      TY so much! Well soon you can put QL2 on your phone!!!

  • curtisrshideler

    I second this entire article! If you like RPGs, but the pace is usually slow for you, this game will feel like a breath of fresh air. I love Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games, but I love my experience with QuestLord as much as those. It was a magical Summer when I first played it. So, go get it now! And pray that we'll see it updated after the sequel's release.

    • http://www.erickinkead.com Eric Kinkead

      TY so much curtis!! I'll keep the original QuestLord alive. For sure. I can't wait to show you QuestLord 2 !! thanks again, the support is awesome!

  • http://www.erickinkead.com Eric Kinkead

    Hey guys! I'm the developer of QuestLord and figured I would let you guys know what the deal is. As you mention in this report, QuestLord has gone quite long time without updating and unfortunately it would need quite a rewrite to get it out.

    I came to a pretty tough decision early this last summer, press for a final push for QuestLord 2 completion, or again stop and rewrite QuestLord only to have fans once again ask, when will QuestLord 2 be available. I think it is in the best interest for me and those who like QuestLord to let this bump in the road pass and work on a revamp of the old classic after I can get QuestLord 2 to people. (Which will be soon! I need to make my upcoming app post in the forums)

    At this point, I decided to release it for free atm until its delisting. I'm not sure how this works, I wonder if I can unlist before hand so I don't need to submit as a brand new app. But anyrate, it didn't seem fair to charge for an app that will go silent once the iOS 11 update comes out.

    Thanks again everyone!
    onward to QuestLord 2 !!