While most of the surprise had been spoiled by the unbelievable leaks leading up to the keynote, moments ago Apple finally officially revealed the iPhone X (pronounced "iPhone ten"). While the Android world has had OLED screens for a while now, the iPhone X marks the first iteration of OLED screens in Apple devices with the 2436x1125 TrueTone HDR-enabled "Super Retina" display. The iPhone X interestingly straddles the middle ground between what has become standard of "normal" sized iPhones and the Plus models. With a 5.8" screen, the iPhone X actually has a larger screen diagonally than the Plus models, with a overall footprint that is between an iPhone and a iPhone Plus. It's sort of a Goldilocks device for me as I like the idea of a larger screen but always found the Plus models to be way too large for my pocket.

Additionally, while the home button has vanished (and along with it the Touch ID sensor) a system called Face ID has replaced it which allows you to do all the things that Touch ID used to just by looking at your phone. I'm really curious to see how it is going to work in every day situations, but the technology as demonstrated during the keynote was very impressive. Of course, like every iPhone iteration, the iPhone X got an even beefier processor. The A11 Bionic represents another exponential leap in performance compared to previous devices, and along with it comes an even more powerful GPU. Apple didn't specifically mention how much RAM is in the device, but the rumor mill has it pegged at 3GB which seems reasonable given the accuracy of the other leaks.

The iPhone 7 boasted some fairly impressive water resistance capabilities, but with no home button the iPhone X is even more wateproof and dustproof. Given the torture tests we saw done on the iPhone 7, I'm sure it won't be long after release until YouTubers start doing even more weird things to show just how deep the iPhone X can go under water and still survive. The lack of a home button which was replaced with a swipe also might pose an interesting challenge for developers, as it seems like each time Apple introduces more system-wide gestures, like the new ones used to manage iOS without a home button, things get more complicated in games which use similar gestures. The gestures you now use to navigate iOS seem like they'd make playing something like Infinity Blade really annoying if you're constantly multitasking or going back to the homescreen trying to fight enemies.

The iPhone X comes in twostorage size increments: 64GB and 256GB. The iPhone X starts at $999 for the "entry" 64GB model. 256GB may seem a bit overkill at first, but when you consider the capabilities of the iPhone X's significantly improved camera, I think that storage might go pretty quickly shooting loads of photos and taking advantage of the iPhone X's ability to shoot 4K video at 60fps. In my own experience, it's always nicer to have more space than less space- It's one less thing to worry about.

Speaking of cameras, the iPhone X features "TrueDepth" depth-sensing 3D cameras which is part of what makes the magic of Face ID work so well. For gamers, this might be particularly relevant as the iPhone X cameras are actually able to see where objects are in 3D space instead of just making (very) educated guesses with complicated math and image recognition. This should mean objects in augmented reality are rock solid, without the jitter that's sometimes experienced via previous methods used to calculate AR images. Their demo with Snapchat face tracking was particularly impressive how well it worked. Like anything, we'll see how it actually works in the real world, but I'm pretty hopeful for this cool new technology.

It feels like people have been asking for inductive charging forever, and iPhone X, much like the iPhone 8, has Qi wireless inductive charging (which Apple calls "AirPower"). Of course it'll likely still charge way faster over a proper Lightning cable connection, but the idea of just dropping my iPhone on a charging pad that's sitting on my desk or nightstand sounds pretty awesome- Even if it is a bit slower.

Overall, the iPhone X is effectively just another iterative improvement over last year's phone. However, given the total redesign, the OLED screen, and all the other bells and whistles this feels like a larger leap than we've been used to in these annual releases. The iPhone X will be available for preorder on October 27th and will be shipping on November 3rd. Of course, we'll post reminding everyone reminding when preorders are going to go up so you can stay up late mashing F5 on the Apple Store with us.

What do you think of the new iPhone X? Let us know in the comments below!

  • gsaint73

    IT can probably run PS4 and Nintendo witch games . So can iphone 7

    • Jamesrooney27

      And people won't pay for games so it's pointless, that's why most big games don't come to mobile

      • indoguju

        i barely turn on my console now.

      • Jamesrooney27

        I know there small amount people who will me include who buy but the amount who don't is lot higher and game over certain amount of money is too much for many, I mainly use my iPad and my switch don't like my PS4

      • Tychaeus

        Lol! Same here.

      • Tychaeus

        Oops, was trying to agree with you, I largley play games on my phone over console. I still play a few big namers AAA but usually on PC...like dawn of war 3....big disappointment....and will be playing Destiny 2 on PC. Other than these...games like Valiant Force and Ticket to Earth are getting gaming right, and alot of AAA console and PC games have started getting it wrong....for instance...dawn of war 3 is horrible and Dawn of War 2 is literally my favorite video game ever. Mass Effect...another fav...the new one suuuuucks. You're wrong if you think mobile gaming isn't growing in popularity and scope, just look at the nintendo switch...modeled after mobile gaming...games like Valiant Force, Exiles of Embermark, Ticket to Earth, and Shadowgun Legends (basically Destiny on your phone...possibly BETTER)....are about to usher in a new age of mobile gaming.

      • Khashayar Sahebkar

        That's because you're not playing good games.
        EA on PC/Consoles is like Gameloft on mobile.
        Don't go playing cliche games like Mass Effect/BattleField/Call of Duty/FIFA/Assassin's Creed and expect something good.
        Play games like PUBG/Overwatch/Uncharted/The Witcher/XCOM/Divinity Original Sin and ...
        Or even indie titles like Inside/Stardew Valley/Beseige/Undertale/FTL/The Witness

        Then you'll see why there are still consoles selling

  • gaberaph


  • Zaraf

    Sounds awesome. But they keep raising the price bar. I'll skip this years version

  • dancj

    £1,150 for the 256gb model? I think I'll adopt the foetal position and start rocking. 🙁

  • Patricia Anaka

    The iPhone 7's home button is not a real button, so the waterproof-ness is not changed in that respect.

  • Stetch

    Im gonna wait for user reviews this time

  • kreylix

    It's cool they finally improved the rez. But I worry about the swipe part - hoping that's not going to be a problem for my game.

    The screen aspect ratio is big change: it's way larger than Samsung's new phones, at ~2.17 to 1. (I know we have at least one graphic that this won't work with right now.)

    • DanCJ

      I can’t see why the swipe would be any bigger a problem than the Control Centre is now.


    Bla bla bla, where is Gamecenter!

    • ROGER-NL

      Ha ha I am cracking myself up lol.

  • Reaganomics

    Buying an expensive, high-performance phone that boasts of having a high storage capacity just to play to a bunch of next generation freemium game sounds like my kind of party.

  • Derp De Derp

    £999 for the base model? Cut the shit, Apple, even with the pound's drop in value, £999 is still equal to $1300 at the time of writing. We're paying a fucking $400 markup for this shit.

    £1149 is currently roughly $1500--not $1149. For the love of God, stop thinking that the dollar is worth just as much as everything else. It never has been.

    • Morgan Leecy

      USA have something we don't, horrible point of sale tax. When that's added on they pay same as us (almost)

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Still quite a bit less, some suburbs near me that have notoriously high sales tax rates are "only" at 11%. I think the highest sales tax rate in all of the USA is 12%?

    • DanCJ

      I think my slightly rude word triggers a blocker so I’ll repost a censored version of what I just said:

      With UK VAT of 20% taken into account, the iPhone X 64gb should be £940. Charging £1000 is just Apple being cheeky rotters!

  • indoguju

    CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • curtisrshideler

    Still no 512GB?!? I'll see how the reviews go. I need more space.

  • Remote_

    I'm pretty sure that Apple's keynote wasn't supposed to make me want to switch to Android, but that's realistically what it's done. I've been an iPhone user since 3GS and I'll keep my 6S for gaming for now as I have a lot invested in the ecosystem (as well as a frighteningly large and expensive purchase history). But I'm just fed up with so many Apple related things and their presentation. Some of it actually made me laugh out loud it was so silly, particularly the retail bit. Time for a change I think.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      This post made me laugh out loud.

      • Tychaeus


      • Zephram

        Delete my comment you effin coward

      • Zephram

        Maybe he does'nt appreciate the value of a dollar, after all another patrean and Hodepp can afford the latest and greatest toys, but some of as actually skip a tech generation.

      • Remote_

        In a good or bad way, just out of interest?

      • RunningWild

        I agree with Remote here. Like many of you, I've been a long time gamer and quite frankly, am disappointed and gutted about Apple's contempt for all the past titles that made the system so popular as a gaming platform in the process.

        One update essentially wipes out 3/4 of my gaming library. Much of this was paid for. If they don't want to make an effort with loyal gamers, why should I keep supporting them?

        I'm still using an iPhone 5S and an iPad Mini 2 which run everything fine. I see nothing in the horizon for me to bother with gaming on iOS.

        What a sad state of affairs that in 10 years, the name Dungeon Raid will be a memory - never to be experienced ever again.

        I'll invest money in consoles moving forward. That way I know I'll still be able to play games I paid for 10 years ago and enjoy them.

        Sorry for the rant but this just isn't good enough.

    • metalcasket

      Good luck with your new Android device. I made the switch to Android in 2013 and it was literally the worst year I'd ever had carrying a mobile device in my pocket since I started using mobiles with the Ericsson 388.

      Personally going with a 64 GB Space Gray iPhone X. I've come to accept that no space is enough space with iPhones and having managed to keep roughly 30 gigs free on my SE since getting it, I'm good with 64 GB. Mind you, I keep both my music and photo collection at the bare minimum and have learned to delete games I've completed/don't play.

    • Phoenix24

      Each to their own but I made the move to Android about a month ago to the S8. No regrets at all, especially seeing Apple's response with the 8 (7s) and the over priced X model. Still keeping my iPad Air 2 since I have spent £000s on games over the years but my 8 year relationship with the iPhone is well and truly over.

    • Yavga

      Been using both Android and Apple hardware. Android is getting more relevant for average users by the day, Apple less and less. Apple continues appealing to people who are able to throw with money as luxury. Android is getting more and more support for a wider functionality and a broader audience, for businesses as well.

      X will sell great but ultimately leads to people becoming less invested to their products. I predict Apple isn't able to keep the momentum going next generation.

  • Sean

    I honestly don't know what they can do to really blow my mind anymore. Maybe when they start projecting holographic displays? Dibs on the Death Star plans!

    • Saveria

      "iPhone X learns your face using a neural engine and will recognize you even as you change your style or age."

      Me: "Huh. Neat. But why doesn't it come in pink?"

  • Stan de Boer

    Still no 512GB?!? I'll see how the reviews go. I need more space.

    • curtisrshideler


  • DanCJ

    Man, the X is stupidly pricy and the 8 is underwhelming.

    I think I might sell my iPhone 6, get a second hand iPhone 7 and hold on for a couple more years.

    • Saveria

      I got a 7 like three months ago and it's really really nice. I think it's a good compromise for you if the newer models are too pricey. I am definitely waiting till next year or beyond to upgrade.

      • DanCJ

        Yeah. I’m really feeling that’s the best option right now. Also I’m fairly convinced that this year's iPhone will be the last at the current level of RAM, and it would be nice for me to (for once) not be stung by buying the last iPhone before the RAM boost.

      • DanCJ

        Just ordered a 256GB iPhone 7 on eBay for about £520 - less than half the price of the X.

  • Saveria

    I was disappointed in the color schemes. Where's my pink iPhone X? :(( ok the white model looks really good I admit.

    I need to upgrade my iPad first, and honestly the watch being untethered to an iPhone is appealing...maybe I won't upgrade my phone at all, anytime soon?

  • And_75

    Too pricy. No 128gb option? No thanks. I'm not sure apple knows what is doing this time

  • Zephram

    When Hodapp disrespects other commentors, he has lost any expectation of respect,

  • adz4u28

    Please explain the £999? I'll stick with my 6s. To be brutally honest, I didn't see anything in the presentation that blew my mind at all, the animoji thing is cute, useless - but cute. The facial id looks like a pain and you can imagine the scene of seeing people all holding their phones up pulling a stupid face just to unlock it, personally I prefer fingerprint.

    • DanCJ

      Simple. Take the American price, convert it to GBP, then add VAT of 20% (which is 25% of the price before VAT) - and then add £60 because they hate us.

      • Phoenix24

        They don't hate us, just think we are stupid and will always pay up....I think people are starting to realise that Android is actually a lot better than the Apple fanboys would have you believe

      • DanCJ

        I wouldn’t go that far. I can’t stand Android, but with a choices available, I think I’m going to sell my iPhone 6 and get a second hand iPhone 7.

      • Phoenix24

        Fair enough Dan...enjoy your IP7, I'm more than happy having swapped my 6s to the S8

      • adz4u28

        I'm actually considering going to the s8 also after owning apple devices since the 4s, iPads galore etc.

  • Khashayar Sahebkar

    What I hate about X and I think it's not being acknowledged is the usage when watching a Movie or playing games.
    It's just ridiculous that I miss some parts of the screen due to round corners and the sensors on side (when in landscape)
    And when gaming it gets worse!
    Not only I'm missing part of the screen, there's a bar below the screen and not just distracting view, also limits gestures a lot.
    Imagine playing Infinity Blade and you're about to beat the final boss, you swipe from bottom to top and woof... you're in home screen! And somehow game didn't pause and you died.
    Now imagine playing Crypt of the Necrodancer/Injustice/World of Goo/Clash Royale(when using cards)/Hearthstone

    The most frustrating things about these changes are 2 things:
    1: How Apple just changes iOS for the worse, so only a single device (which by price, it's going to sell much worse) could benefit from it. By that I mean the recent removal of force-touch sliding from left to switch apps or use multitasking menu on iPhones. Only because iPhone X has a new gesture which isn't usable in any other device!

    2:This is a futuristic phone so these problems would exist in future versions too.

  • Martymcsmartie

    £300 more expensive than an S8. Thats not competitive. Whilst I know it won't, I would love to have seen Apple be taken down a peg or two for ...ahem...collecting the urine...as it would be.

    They'll make some good money on it and the price will drop when they feel they've got something else to polish up for the masses. With an iPhone 6 working really well, I feel no need to change, but not going to lie, there's some damn good android phones out there, the market isn't the same as it used to be....

  • Devok

    Yeah apples in heap of mess can see these iphone8/X is gonna flop and had massive drop sales, Apple finally ends its history.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      You realize people have been making this exact comment since comments were invented, what makes you so sure this time?

  • brianj22

    Jumping the gun. I'm guessing first will come the 8 then 8s, 9, 9s and then iPhone X? So this was a look into what they're working on for the future? Clearly I didn't watch the keynote but it's either that or the folks over at Apple don't know how to count.

  • RunningWild

    I think market saturation is the problem. Every year without fail it's another device. Early on, there were some massive leaps (retina display, touch ID, processor and ram upgrades), but now it just seems gimmicky.

    It used to be a feature that made you think, wow - this is a huge improvement!

    I see nothing now that gives me that 'wow' incentive. AR? Animojis? Studio selfies? Cool but not great.

  • Press2Play

    *throws money (coins) on iphone5*