While we all held our breath for the reveal of the rumored iPhone X, Apple first revealed more "traditional" iPhone models with the iPhone 8. Compared to what we've heard of the iPhone X, they're sort of boring to talk about, but hey... Different strokes for different folks. The iPhone 8 is basically just a refresh of last year's iPhone 7, with minor improvements. It's got a "Retina HD" display with the TrueTone color that the iPad has. The speakers are also louder, with better bass.

Sporting a faster "A11 Bionic" processor, a way better 12 megapixel camera that can do all sorts of fancy new things like 40K at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps slow motion. The cameras are tuned for augmented reality, which should go a long way in making AR Kit games and apps a lot better. This year, we finally get wireless charging too via the Qi open standard. The iPhone 8 also starts at 64GB up from 32GB in last year's model. If nothing else, if you're hopping onboard the iPhone 8 bus, you're getting double the storage for practically what you would have paid for the base model of the iPhone 7. The other storage option is 256GB. The base model starts at $699, while the iPhone 8 Plus is $799. The iPhone 8 will be available for preorder on Steptember 15th and if all goes as planned, Apple hopes to ship the new devices on September 22nd.

  • repapermunky

    So there was no X at all? Just boring incremental updates?

    • repapermunky

      Never mind I see it

  • dancj

    I'm disappointed they didn't bring the dual camera to the smaller model. For what I'm interested in, this is basically just a spec bump.

  • Zaraf

    Wow it can do "40k"? Amazing! 😉

    • Chq

      40K- unbelievable! Must buy!!!!!

      • Martymcsmartie


  • curtisrshideler

    Probably not 40K at 60fps. 😉 But I was really hoping for a 512GB option. Guess I'll keep waiting?

  • Dema9o9ue

    Guys didn't you hear? This is a HUGE leap forward...

  • Onikage725

    Attractive price point on the Plus. I'm holding out until I can afford a Note 8. I've been holding on to my Note 4 for dear life. But the 8 and 8 Plus here are seriously undercutting it. If I didn't love the S Pen so much I'd be sorely tempted. Oh, no if anyone is wondering why an android guy is following this news, I'm a dedicated iPad and iPod touch owner.

    • kimzplaze

      Personally I feel having Android phone n iPad is a vv good combo