Every two to three days, give or take, somebody somewhere asks for advice on the best roguelike games for mobile. Inevitably Sproggiwood [$4.99] appears on the resulting lists. Sproggiwood and its cute graphics and copious humor came out in mid-2015 but has held up to the advances of time and game development as a paragon of the roguelike genre. It's also on sale right now for its lowest price ever, just $.99. Sproggiwood goes on sale fairly frequently but usually for $2 or $3, never this low. In Sproggiwood you play as a simple island farmer who is lured through a magical portal by a talking sheep. The portal leads to a trap (the lesson here is don't trust talking sheep) created by the Sproggi, a forest spirt who built a village to keep you in and occupied. Your job is to tame all of the creatures that roam the forests.

The gameplay is your classic roguelike RPG feel with different character classes, all kinds of loot, and random dungeon delves which all provide for a high replay value. If you've been on the fence about picking it up, or are just ready for a new game, now's the time to check out Sproggiwood. You can also check out Shaun's 4.5-star review or our forums for much more on the game.

  • dancj

    Excellent game!

  • baconcow

    Great price. Great developer.

  • curtisrshideler

    If you've had this on your wishlist, now's the time to buy even if you don't have time to play. This one is great! I remember picking up right when it came out for both mobile and computer.

  • Dailon Huskey

    I finally got it now but I am still not sure if I like it... maybe in time I will seeing as I just started it but my initial impression is not great.

    • Gurney Halleck

      Anything in particular that you can point to that makes this not much fun?

    • korossyl

      Wow, really?? I feel that I usually see eye-to-eye with you, but I LOVED this one. The combat was extremely compelling, and the classes perfectly varied.

  • rhinofinger

    Loved this game!

  • lezrock

    Such an awesome and fun game!