Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It's time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. This week's list is kind of small but there are a few updates here that pack a solid punch. I suppose it's to be expected, though. Not much point pushing through updates this close to a new iOS version unless you know for sure your app is going to break. Anyway, here's the list of what I could find. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself using AppShopper or by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly summary is here to fill you in on the things you might have missed. Let's dig in!

Exiled Kingdoms RPG, Free The developer is far from finished with updating Exiled Kingdoms, but one very important thing got checked off the list in this last week. You can now complete the game's main quest. There are multiple endings to see and the game will continue after you beat that quest, so don't worry if you want to keep hanging around bothering the locals. Naturally, that means there are more new quests, with some resolutions to a few that stopped mid-thread before. You can explore eleven new areas, most of which are related to the main quest. A couple can be run through with a mid-level character though, so even if you're not ready to take on the end of the game, there's still new stuff to find. On top of that there are new items, UI adjustments, and a bunch of balance adjustments and bug fixes. Sure, I'll toss out the coveted UMMSMotW award this early in the article. You earned it.

Rogue Touch, $2.99 That said, I'm really keen on this update too. Rising from the grave after four years, Rogue Touch got a spiffy update that didn't just add 64-bit support but also new Retina graphics, external audio support, gameplay improvements, changes to the way dungeons are generated, and some fairly big UI updates. Also, bug fixes! This is one of the games from the RPG Reload deadpool that I honestly did not expect to see get an update, so I'm pretty excited about this. It's a great version of Rogue that has been customized to fit mobile devices nicely. Now, how about some iPad support?

D&D Lords of Waterdeep, $9.99 So as you all know, I don't include games that only add new iOS version or 64-bit support in their updates. Mostly, it's a logistics issue, but it's also hard to write much about them. I wish I didn't have a reason to include this game, to be honest. Yes, it got 64-bit support, and that's great. The developers also added a landscape mode to the game, which I would be all for celebrating if they didn't remove the portrait mode in the process. There's a new in-game chat feature, if that's your kind of thing. They've made some other tweaks and I'll grant the game plays a lot better on an iPad now than it did before, but I don't see why they had to remove the most playable option for iPhone users in the process.

Temple Run 2, Free Autumn is banging on the door for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and while I know some find it depressing to have summer come to an end, it's nothing but a sweet relief here in Japan. Well, at least everyone can agree on how pretty the colors of the turning leaves look, and even Temple Run 2 is getting in on that. The Fall Jungle map is here for a limited time, along with special Fall Coins that probably get you something. I don't know, I'm not checking. I don't have the spare time to get sucked into this game again. Those who are still sucked can enjoy the Fall Jungle-themed Global Challenges going on right now, though.

Subway Surfers, Free Alright, where are these hooligans going this time? Barcelona? I guess that's alright. Apparently it's full of sunny beaches and colorful mosaics, and that last bit is making me giggle because in Japan the word 'mosaic' usually refers to the scrambling they do on people's private parts in adult films. I may be pushing forty, but I'm still fourteen at heart, I suppose. We've got a new character in the form of Diego the soccer fan, and a new Mosaic board. Now I'm giggling again. As usual, there are prizes up for grabs if you can collect a whole lot of something. In this case, it's guitars. Good luck!

Asphalt Xtreme, Free Some interesting new stuff in this update to Gameloft's off-road racer. First, a new track based on Nepal that has you speeding around the icy mountains. That is totally not safe and you won't want to try that in real life, friends. There are three new vehicles, including the GMC Vandura, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016, and the GMC Sierra 2500 HD. Aside from that content, there's a new mastery challenge, and new rank-up and overclock features to beef up your ride. Of course, they require you to collect blueprints and tokens, so what I'm really saying here is ENJOY THE TREADWHEEL.

SimCity BuildIt, Free Fall also means back to school for all good little girls and boys, and that's somehow the theme of SimCity BuildIt's latest update. You can now get some university-style bridges for your city, and I have no earthly clue what that even means. Anyway, other academic-related new goodies for your city include an Athletic Field, a Rowing Center, a Park Cafeteria, and a Park Quad. Seriously, though. University-style bridges? Did any of your universities have bridges? Mine didn't. Was it just too small? See, this is what happens when you go to a provincial university, friends. I guess I have some calls to make.

That about wraps it up for last week's significant updates. I'm sure I've missed some, though, so please feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think something should be mentioned. As usual, major updates will likely get their own news stories throughout this week, and I'll be back next Monday to summarize and fill in the blanks. Have a great week!