As we mentioned last week, Super Meat Boy Forever is once again a thing on mobile. We're still skeptical as to whether or not it'll ever get released on the App Store, but, considering recent news we shot some video of it on the show floor at PAX West. The demo we played is running on the Switch, but it seems painfully obvious that the game and its simple controls were designed for a touch screen.

Like the original Super Meat Boy, Forever is super difficult. It's an auto-runner, and the two things you can control as the player are jumping, dashing in-air while you're jumping, and sliding under things. Unsurprisingly, they nail how fast it is to retry a level as in Super Meat Boy Forever you're going to be dying a lot.


    Can't wait! In the mean time you should try Project MALLOW if you're looking for something Meat Boy inspired on ios. And it's free!

  • Harrison

    Didn't realize it was going to be an auto runner, but like you guys said, you basically just run one way in Meat Boy anyways! Certainly seems like a mobile version should come... Reminds me a good bit of Leap Day, a game that stays on my device to this day.

  • CamZer0

    I get the auto run decision for mobile, but as it looks like Switch will be getting it first, why oh why don't they make use of that Analogue stick! Other than to slide that is.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Because it's a mobile game and they're doing the same thing so many devs do and pretend it isn't a mobile game so they can get the mobile haters to care about it.

      • DJEmergency

        This is a bad idea.. if this becomes successful then expect more console games will turn into endless runners and one button games.. very bad idea...

  • MikeAK

    For sure it looks VERY difficult, but the player just repeated the EXACT same mistakes again and again :/ I would much rather have seen a player that actually learned from his mistakes play to see more than 6-7 seconds of the levels. Again, I'm sure I'll also be destroyed by the game, just saying.. for a game that's all about trial and error, and trying new motions and timing things differently, it was a bit disappointing seeing the EXACT same jumps and dashes taken leading to identical outcomes again, and again.

    Regardless, looks fantastic and I surely will support it assuming it's been confirmed premium 🙂

    • Jared Nelson

      I tried, man. It resets so quickly and your moves are so limited it's sometimes hard NOT to just repeat the same mistakes even if you aren't meaning to. Also tricky when you're standing in a busy booth playing a game you've never played before. Will definitely be a heavy trial and error sort of game. Was fun though!

      • MikeAK

        Definitely looked brutal and fun for sure!! Was absolutely not trying to be overly critical or judgmental either as I'm sure it is very different attending events like these and sampling new games then it is for me to lazy out on the couch and game it up comfortably haha.

        I'm quite sure I'll have my ass handily destroyed by this game.. especially if those were some of the first levels!! (Though I want to believe otherwise and that they were simply the few the devs wanted to use for demoing purposes)

        As always, you and the crew are much appreciated for all you do and bring us!