Probably my favorite game from the handful we saw from Digital Melody here at PAX West is one called Diggerman. It's an arcade game that has you digging into the ground, collecting gold for points and avoiding dangers like enemies and explosives. The concept is one that's been done on mobile before, but what I felt set Diggerman apart from the others is how it has you digging diagonally which lends itself well to a two-button control scheme. Tap the left side of the screen to dig diagonally down and left, and the right side to dig diagonally down and right. This allows for some extremely fast-paced digging as you can see in the video below.

Diggerman is one of those games where you get "in the zone" and you start digging so fast it's almost like your fingers are reacting to what's on the screen before your brain even realizes what's happening. One of my favorite mobile digging games is Doug Dug [Free], which can get very fast-paced but is more methodical and takes some careful planning. Diggerman on the other hand feels like the overly caffeinated cousin of Doug Dug and should be a great addition to my digging game collection when it releases in the near future.

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  • Carl

    Great to see Doug Dug get a mention! I've been playing games since early eighties on the Atari 400, and Doug is the most perfectly balanced and addictive video game I've ever played. Literally never tire of playing it.
    If this is one tenth as playable and fun as Doug it'll be a winner.