When Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition was announced late last month, our we raised our eyebrows with some warranted skepticism as to whether or not Square Enix could actually pull off what they were promising: A full featured, mobile version, of their blown-out console title Final Fantasy XV. Well, after spending a good 20 minutes with Pocket Edition on the show floor of PAX West, we're pretty blown away.

All we really were able to demo was the opening of the game, as well as the earliest quests, but it's just like the "full" Final Fantasy XV that we remember- Almost to the point of being weird how one to one it is. When something gets a "pocket edition" these days, it seems reasonable to assume it's going to be packed to the brim with freemium shenanigans, and other gross things that are popular right now in mobile. Not... this.

I'm still very curious how Squeenix is going to handle pricing of the individual episodes, as the game is said to be spread across 10 episodes. It seems reasonable to think those could be $5ish each, making this a $50ish game once it's all said and done. That'd seem ridiculous for any other mobile game, but would it seem that way for a fully reworked, content complete, pocket edition of Final Fantasy XV?

Regardless, we're very excited by what we were able to play at PAX, and can't wait for this to be released on the App Store later this year.

  • uberdan101

    Still waiting for FFVIII on iOS.

    • DanKetch

      You and maybe 3 other people, that game stunk.

      • CodeREd

        LMAO agreed. I loved how FFVIII started but it fizzled out fast (around the time after you first face Edea). Not to mention the Junction system was a broken mess.

      • IanTH

        I guess I'm one of those 3 people. And it was my favorite of the PSX era. So...You stink!

      • Mysterious Heroine X

        I guess you're one of those people that think that since you hate a game, everyone else must hate it.

  • Dailon Huskey

    would pay 50ish or more no problem if it's really the full game even though I have it on Xbox one
    Looking forward to hearing more about this

    • CodeREd

      I just bought FFXV ultimate digital edition or whatever it's called on Xbox One and definitely won't be getting the mobile version. I like and support this idea though.

  • Amenbrother

    Wow that looks like fun actually. Wonder how hard it be on phones to pull off all those moves.

  • Milotorou

    If this is seriously the game with no cut content, i dont care if its 50$ total (like all episodic games they might give a slight discount if you buy the whole game one shot... maybe like 40$ or smth) ill buy it.

  • lezrock

    Didnt See everything. Does it have virtuell controls and mfi Controller support?

  • curtisrshideler

    I'm hoping they'll keep it to no more than $30, but this is THE game I've been asking for this year. So, I'll be getting it no matter what! So excited.

  • curtisrshideler

    Also, man, I really want high res versions of that poster from the beginning of this and King's Knight's poster. Both look great.

  • WhovianWithALightsaber

    For those who have played the full version, is the story worth it?

    • nicodemus82

      The story was fun enough at times. Certainly not the best, or that memorable though, and the pacing was a little off at times.

    • CodeREd

      Even though I just started the game, I definitely recommend watching Final Fantasy Brotherhood and Kingsglaive before playing FFXV. Especially Kingsglaive as it explains things that happen at the beginning of the game that's not fully shown or explained.

  • 9lives1968

    Yes it is

  • Aaron C

    Anyone know if this has mfi support?

  • Morgan Leecy

    Cant really tell from the vid due to background noise.. have they left the voice acting in?