If you're a fan of Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone [Free] and buying endless booster packs has got you down and you haven't checked out Lost Portal [$1.99] I have a recommendation: Check out Lost Portal. Lost Portal is a single-player collectible-card game tied together by a role-playing game narrative, is a lot of fun, and is on sale now through Tuesday. You create a character and go adventuring through a fantasy world filled with NPCs to chat up, quests to complete, and monsters to beat down. Combat comes in the form of Magic: The Gathering style duels and are Lost Portal's core experience. The CCG and RPG elements merge in a cool way and your character's ability scores affect the duels directly by allowing you to do things like draw extra cards and start with more life. As you play you earn new cards and gold, which can be used to buy new cards.

One of the best things about Lost Portal is that it is a premium game with no in-app-purchases. So there are no boosters to buy and all of the game's cards can be acquired in game for free. It's one of my favorite games, a fixture on my iPhone, and I highly recommend it for any fan of the CCG genre. Don't take my word for it, however, check out all the love for Lost Portal in our forums.

  • Modjular

    I'd highly recommend. It's one of the only portrait-mode ccg's out there. Could use a little more polish though.

  • Dragan

    Thuis game is almost to much value for money

  • Fancy Burgers

    "Just a dollar' and the icon next to it literally says "$1.99"
    Get your facts straight.

    • MikeC

      The sale is for $0.99 and you should see it for that price in the App Store soon.

    • TheKindMind

      Ha ha it looks like you were the one who needed to get your facts straight! XD

  • Hottar

    If you have not already bought this game, do it now!

  • ZS77

    So still no TA review of the game despite the warm recognition given in the article? 😕

    I bought this game back near its initial release and it's only gotten better with each update. Absolute steal at 0.99p/c.

  • nkarafo

    One of the best card games in AppStore !